COVID-19 Emergency! The ‘Special Entry Procedure’ will be implemented for all arrivals of Airport regardless of nationality

As the World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared ‘pandemic’ which is the highest risk level of the epidemic alert phase, nations around the world are making efforts to operate more systematic quarantine systems.

Incheon Airport has been implementing ‘Special Entry Procedure’ since February 4th. This procedure, originally intended for passengers from Asia and parts of Europe, will be extended to all countries from midnight, March 19, because of the worldwide spread of COVID-19.

What is Special Entry Procedure?

This refers to a system in which visitors receive health status questionnaire from the entry stage, check their residence and contact information, and monitor their health conditions for 14 days after entering the country.

Extending subject of Special Entry Procedure to ‘all countries’

There is a growing need to block the flow of passengers from abroad because recently among those passengers, some of them are confirmed as COVID-19 patients. In particular, with the number of confirmed cases in Europe as well as in the U.S. and Asia increases rapidly, the special entry procedure, which was only for some of the previous arrivals, will be extended to all countries from midnight, March 19.



China(2.4~), Hong Kong·Macau(2.12~)

Japan(3.9~), Italy/Iran(3.12~)


Entire Europe(3.16~)

All countries

How to proceed with the Special Entry Procedure

Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, both Koreans and foreigners have to fill out health status questionnaire and Travel Record Declaration.

  • The Health Status Questionnaire should include whether or not you have experienced fever, cough, etc. symptoms in the past 21 days, personal information and the country you visited in the past 21 days.
  • The Travel Record Declaration must reveal the address to stay in Korea, the mobile phone number to contact, and whether you have visited or stopped in Hubei Province, China within the last 14 days.

As the special entry procedure begins, the arrival hall will also be guided to a dedicated arrival hall (A and F). The detailed step-by-step procedures are shown below.

In other words, all passengers on special entry procedure must check whether they have a fever or not before entering the country and check the address of their residence in Korea and the contact information available for them to enter the country. After entering Korea, you must submit symptoms for 14 days via the mobile self-diagnosis app.

Any Korean or foreigner with symptoms will be isolated at the Central Quarantine Medical Support Center located within Incheon Airport and checked for confirmation first. If a foreigner is confirmed, he/she will be denied entry and must return home. Since Koreans and registered foreigners are not denied entry, they will be isolated at a state-designated isolation hospital upon confirmation.

It may be a bit cumbersome, but it’s a must-have measure to protect passengers and prevent the spread of infections to communities! We ask for your cooperation for special entry procedure to proceed smoothly to completely eradicate COVID-19.

Another specialty, unique ‘COVID-19 response method’ of Incheon Airport

Meanwhile, Incheon Airport, which advocates COVID-19 Free Airport, is making utmost efforts to prevent COVID-19, including a three-stage fever check for those who leave the country. From arriving at the airport to boarding an airplane, Incheon Airport is currently conducting fever check using thermal image cameras and a thermometer in three stages: 1) Entering Terminal → 2) Departure Area → 3) Boarding Gate.

Thorough quarantine and disinfection are the basics of the basics!

The airport’s major facilities are carefully quarantined at least three times a day, as well as placing hand sanitizer in check-in counters, food and beverage stores, to make passenger convenience and safety the top priority. Check out the COVID-19 Free Airport and the video below!

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  1. Do I need some special insurance for covid or health certificate for Incheon on transit. I arrive from Vientiane and continue my flight to Copenhagen.

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