How to Travel between Terminals (T1-T2) in Incheon Airport

If you often visit Incheon Airport, you probably know that there are two passenger terminals in the airport.


Many people do not seem to know that different airlines are designated to different terminals. This is because in a rush to make their flight, some people go to the wrong terminal and end up lost or missing their flight.


For these individuals, we would like to inform you which airlines are located in which terminal, and how to travel between the terminals quickly if you end up in the wrong one.

Different Airlines Fly from Different Terminals

Incheon Airport once transported 54 million passengers every year from Terminal 1 and Concourse. With the opening of Terminal 2, it became an international airport hub that can accommodate up to 72 million passengers.


Shortly after the opening of Terminal 2, four airlines (Korean Air, Air France, Delta, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) relocated to Terminal 2, and as a result, all of the airlines were split between T1 and T2. As of May 2020, T2 accommodates 11 airlines.

Terminal 1 (T1)

Terminal 2 (T2)

All airlines other than those in T2

(Asiana Airlines, LCCs, foreign airlines, etc.)

Korean Air, Air France, Delta, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Aeromexico, Alitalia, China Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, XiamenAir, Czech Airlines, Aeroflot

3 Ways to Travel between T1 and T2

“Can I get off the train at Terminal 1 and walk to Terminal 2?”


No, no! It is not possible to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 in Incheon Airport by foot!


If you think that it will take a short amount of time to walk between terminals, you may need to think again. Incheon Airport is so vast that it takes the bus about 15-18 minutes to travel between terminals.


There are three options from which you can choose: Free Shuttle Bus, Airport Railroad, and Shuttle Train. Let’s take a look at where and how you can find them.

1) Free Shuttle Bus

Go to Exit 8 on the third floor in T1 or Exits 4 and 5 on the third floor in T2. If you walk out one of these exits, you will find the bus stop for the Shuttle Bus. Check the schedule for the Shuttle Bus, which comes every 7 minutes. It is free to ride, so you can use it without any financial burden.

  • Line
  • Time

2) Airport Railroad (AREX)

  • Line


The Airport Railroad is another option to consider, as the 13 stops provided by the Airport Railroad include Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.


The Airport Railroad is located in the Transit Center on B1 in both T1 and T2. Simply follow the Airport Railroad signs in the airport to conveniently find the train. As there is only one stop between T1 and T2, you can move between terminals quickly! But remember, the Airport Railroad costs KRW 900!

* Currently, people arriving from overseas cannot use the Airport Railroad. Please note that the “Express Train,” not the All Stop Train, is currently shut down due to COVID-19.

3) Shuttle Train

The Shuttle Train is another means of transportation that connects the two terminals. The Shuttle Train is convenient as there is a train every 5 minutes, 24/7. Nonetheless, there are various restrictions that need to be checked before boarding the train.


Those boarding airplanes departing from Concourse can only move from Terminal 1 to Concourse.

Those arriving to Concourse can only move from Concourse to Terminal 1.


From Terminal 2, only transfer passengers can use the Shuttle Train to move to Concourse and Terminal 1. Most locals departing from Incheon Airport are unlikely to need to travel between Terminal 2 and Concourse.


Unlike Terminal 1, you cannot use the Shuttle Train on the Arrivals Floor of Terminal 2. Passengers must go from the air-side on the Departures Floor of Terminal 2 to the stop in Terminal 2 to get on the train to go to Concourse.


* Note that you cannot go back once you board the Shuttle Train!

Today, we learned about Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in Incheon Airport and how to move between them. Be sure to check the terminal from which your airline departs in advance, and use one of the options above that suits your situation best! 🙂

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