“Information on Incheon Airport’s History and Views, at a Glance!” Observatory Deck & History Hall

How do you usually spend your time in the airport?

You probably spend a lot of time being bored when you are waiting to board the plane. We would like to recommend some interesting attractions for those who “don’t want to waste this time!” or “want to spend this time more productively!”

This is the place where you can learn about Incheon Airport’s history and the story behind how it became the world’s best airport! Have you ever heard of “Attractions in Terminal 2, which also include entertainment such as VR experiences and chroma key photography?

Anyone who has looked around the airport a bit can answer this question with ease. These attractions are the Observatory Deck and History Hall. They offer various things to see and experience as great places where families with young children can spend time together! Admission comes free and so do the experiences, so why not check these places out? Let’s take a closer look at these places, shall we?

What is the Observatory Deck & History Hall?

The Observatory Deck is a state-of-the-art smart space where visitors can see a variety of exhibitions about Incheon Airport’s construction, opening, operation, and history. Its special advantage is that you can enjoy the various experience facilities while looking at the apron and airplanes at the airport!

Commemorating the 19th anniversary of its opening, the History Hall, where visitors can get a summary of Incheon Airport’s history at a glance, was recently created in the same place as the Observatory Deck. You can see how the airport started out on a small island called Yeongjongdo Island, Incheon to become a world-class airport today.

Both places are open from 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. throughout the year, so visitors can have a look around comfortably.

*However, please note that it is shut down until June 14 due to COVID-19. Contact 032-741-0015~6 for more information about its hours of operation.

How can I get to Observatory Deck & History Hall?

The Observatory Deck is located in the center of the Public Area on 5F, Terminal 2. While you go upstairs to get to Observatory Deck, you will see a structure of seagulls flapping their wings. If you follow their beautifully flapping wings to get to the 5th floor by escalator or elevator, the first thing that comes into site is Bridge Space, as seen below.

This is where you can feel Incheon Airport’s unique atmosphere. Lights decorating the floor and the ceiling create a visualization of airplanes taking off from the runway.

There are also many stories on the left and right of the hallway that you shouldn’t miss. On the left, there are paintings portraying scenes of the construction site. On the right, various stories about the construction of Incheon Airport are displayed in a variety of colors. The long hallway may feel much shorter as you walk along while learning about the history of Incheon Airport’s construction. When you turn left at the end of the hallway, you can find the Observatory Deck & History Hall!

Observatory Deck & History Hall by Section

As you can see in the photos above, the Observatory Deck & History Hall are divided into four sections. You can go to the place you want to see first, or you can just check out a few of the spaces if you don’t have enough time!

(1) Global Standard ICN

The first thing you will see is the Global Standard ICN to the left of the entrance. Here, you can see Incheon Airport’s history and status at a glance.

It is quite fun to see how Incheon Airport has grown from a small island in the West Sea into a world-class airport from 1990 to 2020.

You can check out graphics and images to see the global standing of Incheon Airport that has grown rapidly from connecting 117 cities in 34 countries in 2001 into a hub of Northeast Asia connecting 194 cities in 57 countries!

(2) Moments of Passion and Challenge

In Moments of Passion and Challenge, visitors can see various stories about what make today’s Incheon Airport possible.

As it ranked #1 in the Airport Service Quality Awards, Incheon Airport has been recognized by many international agencies as the best in the world for the last two decades. You can see all of its proud achievements in this one space.

The first step is important for everything. That is why a special place is prepared for the first CEO, Kang Dong-seok, who successfully led Incheon Airport’s beginning. We guess the strong foundation of today’s Incheon Airport may have sprouted from his saying, “You can only know the best if you experience the best.”

Did our ancestors foresee that Yeongjongdo Island would become Korea’s largest airport gateway in the future? There is an interesting story about how the name of Yeongjongdo Island, on which Incheon Airport is located, can be interpreted as being the natural space for an international airport.

You can also check out Incheon Airport’s CI symbol mark, which is decorated splendidly in the center of this exhibition space. The symbol mark represents Incheon Airport as the 21st century state-of-the-art airport hub that reaches areas around the world in the midst of humanity, logistics, and information with the combined images of birds, traditional Korean clouds, and Taegeuk.

Incheon Airport is like a small city. As many as 70,000 employees work here. From employees of airlines to those of various commercial stores, firefighters for passenger safety, and security! You can find illustrations portraying various employees working here.

(3) Take-off for Tomorrow

Incheon Airport is evolving every day! What does the future hold for the airport? “Take-off for Tomorrow” is a place where you can find some hints for the answer to this question.

In this section decorated with airplane models, visitors can see a video of Incheon Airport’s future blueprint for the airport industry from *Phase 4 Construction Project to the **Airport Economic Zone. You can also participate in a cockpit experience here. It is a very popular space among children.

*Incheon Airport Phase 4 Construction Project: Project that expands Terminal 2, constructs Runway 4, and expands the apron from 2017 to 2024 to meet growing demands at the airport

**Airport Economic Zone: Large-scale economic zone where many industries related to the airport are integrated and combined


Joy ICN is a place designed so that anyone can easily have fun.

The VR Experience Zone is always particularly popular. With 360 VR, you can have a vivid experience of Incheon Airport’s Baggage Handling System! When you sit in the chair and put on VR glasses, you can become a piece of baggage and experience how baggage is loaded onto the aircraft.

You also shouldn’t miss the Time Slice Photo Zone. Here, visitors can take a dynamic photo instantly captured by 15 cameras! You can choose the background you want, and it also sends a video link to your email. Doesn’t it sound like you can make great memories here? The more people you are with, the more unique the photo is. So, don’t hesitate to take a photo together with your friends and families!

These are spaces where those who often visit Terminal 2 can have some light fun!

Today, we have looked at the two attractions of the Observatory Deck and History Hall in Terminal 2 of Incheon Airport.

Come make some new memories here at these attractions that turn waiting at the airport into joy!

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