Didn’t You Know? Incheon Airport’s New Baggage Services

In Korea, an IT powerhouse, it is not difficult to track where my parcel is. It’s become a widely used service across the country.

But did you know that you can also track your baggage? Recently, Incheon Airport has attracted attention by introducing a service that easily tracks your baggage !

This post introduces how Incheon Airport is becoming smarter with 2 new airport services related to baggage. They are Baggage Tracking Service and Smart Baggage Scale. Let’s take a look at what kind of services they are, shall we? 🙂

Here’s My baggage! - Baggage Tracking Service

What if you’ve arrived in a foreign country, full of excitement, but then discover that your baggage hasn’t arrived? Or even worse, what if you’ve lost your baggage? You probably don’t even want to imagine situations like this. Baggage is lost from time to time due to more reasons than you could think of, such as handling error during transfer, ticketing error, baggage receiving error, loading error, tagging error and more.

Incheon Airport also stepped in to help solve this baggage loss problem. From July 1, the airport has provided Baggage Tracking Service for departing (including transfer) passengers!

Baggage Tracking Service is a service where you can easily check out whether your baggage is loaded and track its location with your smartphone upon entering required information in Incheon Airport’s website (including the mobile version) and Incheon Airport Guide App (Mobile App)! You can check out whether your baggage has been checked safely to your flight as well as its open inspection progress, if your baggage is subject to open inspection, and whether it has been loaded on the airplane.

Here is a useful tip! If you want to use Baggage Tracking Service in a smarter way, make sure to install Incheon Airport Mobile App. With push notifications, not only can you check out your baggage with baggage alerts service but you can also use baggage barcode scanning to find your baggage!

Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Air Seoul, and Eastar Jet are currently participating in this service. Incheon Airport will expand the number of participating airlines while applying baggage tracking technology to arriving flights gradually from 2021. Don’t you think you can be more relieved when you fly? 😊

Check your Baggage’s Weight and Size Automatically! The World’s First “Smart Baggage Scale”

Incheon Airport’s new technology for faster and easier baggage check-in! It’s the first “Smart Baggage Scale” airport in the world.  Smart Baggage Scale is a technology that easily measures your baggage’s weight and size with sensors.

Traditionally, it was inconvenient for passengers since each airline had different baggage allowances. Airlines’ carry-on baggage scales and check-in baggage scales only weighed baggage without notifying further information, which led to a long period of time for measuring baggage.

However, Smart Baggage Scale can measure the weight and size at the same time with ultrasound sensors and 3D camera sensing technology, which can reduce your waiting time significantly.

Furthermore, it easily informs you of different baggage allowances from different airlines. If you touch its 43-inch touch screen or have your ticket read by its barcode reader, you can check free baggage check-in rules and whether you can carry your baggage on board. So from now on, there is no need to ask for help searching for staffs and finding rules every time.

182 Smart Baggage Scales are installed near check-in counters or gates in Terminals 1 and 2, Incheon Airport. In particular, Smart Baggage Scales in Departure Hall area are installed without any elevation between the floor and scales, meaning you only have to push and weigh your heavy baggage without lifting it!

Story Behind the Development of the Services

While both Baggage Tracking Service and Smart Baggage Scale are expected to greatly improve passenger’s convenience, they are also deeply meaningful from every direction when you look at how they were developed.

Baggage Tracking Service was developed by AirBRS, which is localized by Incheon International Airport Corporation.

AirBRS is a technology that tracks, displays, and checks in real time baggage’s location at main points from the check-in counter to the airplane. It can give you flight departure and arrival times and whether it needs open inspection of baggage all at once in connection with the airport’s flight information system.

By expanding this technology which helps airline staff to handle baggage faster and easier, general passengers now can track their baggage easily with their smartphone!

Smart Baggage Scale was developed jointly by Incheon International Airport Corporation with CAS, a medium-sized scale system manufacturer, and SQI Soft, a small software developer. To do so, Incheon International Airport Corporation signed an MOU with CAS in December 2018 and developed and filed a patent for Smart Baggage Scale after 10 months of research and development.

Incheon Airport is the first airport in the world to jointly develop and file a patent with small or medium sized company for Smart Baggage Scale!

For the 4th Industrial Revolution, Incheon Airport is launching various state-of-the-art services for your convenient flight. We hope many of you use Incheon Airport’s smart airport services, an extraordinary technology by Korea. 😊

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