Are we living in the age of AI? Smart air services are trending!

A new trend is emerging in the airline industry—smart air services based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There are attempts to bring about innovative changes to the airline industry with state-of-the-art technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, and a growing number of airport services have been introducing AI to make things easier for passengers.

A prime example is Airstar, an airport guide robot Incheon Airport has commercialized for the first time in the world. This robot combines various state-of-the-art technologies, such as autonomous driving, voice recognition and AI, provides overall information about the airport in connection with the control center, and is well-known for giving directions and escorting passengers. It also includes Incheon Airport’s baggage tracking service. You can check out whether your baggage has been loaded or its location easily with your smartphone. You can check out whether your baggage has been received safely to your flight as well as its open inspection progress and whether it has been loaded on the airplane if your baggage is subject to open inspection.

Let’s look further into smart air services, which are emerging as a trend around the world, along with Incheon Airport’s AI services! 😊

Have questions? Get answers instantly via chat!

One of the most noticeable smart air services is AI chatbot. You can ask questions via chat and get loads of information easily and instantly.

Aeroméxico has introduced a chatbot called Aerobot, and you can communicate with Aerobot via chat on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Since it can also track baggage, transfer passengers can track the location and route of their baggage, relieving one of the biggest worries for most travelers.

Japan Airlines has introduced their chatbot called Bebot that answers questions passengers have when using the airport! It provides how to shorten your boarding time and provide information about facilities, and answers some frequently asked questions about baggage pick-ups and flight upgrades, which has reduced time for staff to handle such questions.

While airlines often provide their own services, what is worth noting is that Incheon Airport provides AI chatbot services at the airport level through its own chatbot called AirBot. It provides information to passengers 24/7 in a non-contact manner. Enter your flight information and you can get all information about your departure and destination. If you want to find out more about AirBot, check it out here!

Parking? Leave it to a robotic valet!

Source: Stanley Robotics

In this video, you can see a box-shaped machine park a car. What do you think of it? Isn’t it amazing? This robotic valet is called Stan, which has been officially introduced in Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport after months of pilot operation!

Stan is an AI-based parking robot developed by Stanley Robotics and provides valet parking by identifying an empty parking spot. Once you enter your flight information in advance, it also provides automatic pickup, which brings your car to a cabin to pick up when you arrive. As valet parking robots are officially supported now, 4 robots will provide full-time parking services for up to 500 cars in Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport!

Source: Stanley Robotics

It is not just Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport! Incheon Airport is also introducing AI parking robots. Incheon Airport has recently signed an MOU with Hyundai Glovis to build a smart parking system! Starting next year, Incheon Airport is planning to pilot its own robot valet parking service.

If you pull your car over in “Pickup Zone” near Departure or Arrival Halls, a parking robot brings your car to the nearby parking lot! It greatly reduces time to find an empty parking spot. Now that you can also use a valet parking robot in Incheon Airport soon, it will make things easier for you to get to the airport J

We have looked at various smart air services based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as chatbots and parking robots. Incheon Airport will improve every aspect of air travel for passengers using smart technology with air travelers in mind. Stay tuned for a more convenient and smarter Incheon Airport! 😊

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