K-airport disease prevention impresses Indonesia

Who are the world’s hottest artists? They’re BTS from Korea, who recently topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Apart from K-pop sweeping across the world, the Hallyu (Korean Wave) is also coming in other area. That is K-disease prevention, which is gaining attention as a new alternative in the COVID-19 crisis. Incheon Airport, which is the gateway to Korea and the front line of disease prevention, plays a key role in K-disease prevention. Incheon Airport boasts of robust K-airport disease prevention, which has recently knocked the door of Indonesia.

On September 10, Incheon Airport and Bali Airport conducted an online agreement on COVID-19 Safe Corridor Consulting Agreement with PT Angkasa Pura 1 (“AP1”) of Indonesia. Under this Agreement, Incheon Airport is planning to provide K-airport disease prevention knowhow to Bali Airport in Indonesia. Since Bali Airport is the gateway to Bali, the airport is crowded by foreign tourists around the year, and its collaboration with Incheon Airport is gaining more attention from the people.

In particular, the said consulting will be provided for free on humanitarian grounds to overcome COVID-19. Then, let me tell you the secrets for K-airport disease prevention performed by Incheon Airport, which has impressed even Indonesia!

Secret #1: Smart disease prevention system

The first secret to prevent COVID-19 is Incheon Airport’s smart disease prevention. Smart disease prevention refers to a disease prevention system based on 4th Industrial Revolution technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robots. Incheon Airport introduced robots and kiosks equipped with fever check technology on the Departure Areas (3F) of Terminals 1 and 2. They are regarded as effective “contactless” disease prevention services.

Furthermore, in the second half of the year, Incheon Airport is planning to unveil autonomous driving robots which can detect whether passengers are wearing masks. The airport will actively strive to expand smart disease prevention services, so isn’t it safe to say there is a lot more to expect from the future of K-airport disease prevention, which will get smarter?

Secret #2: Preemptive operation of emergency operations system

From the early days of COVID-19, Incheon Airport introduced the emergency operations system to quickly overcome the crisis in the airport industry.

While building the world’s finest disease prevention system by introducing smart disease prevention services as mentioned above, Incheon Airport has built the foundation to support the airport ecosystem by providing rent reductions or exemptions to commercial stores and related companies, which were experiencing times of trouble due decline in passenger traffic.

Incheon Airport, which is living up to its social responsibilities in this global health crisis, is highly evaluated as an example of K-airport disease prevention.

Secret #3: Reinforced systematic sanitation

Systematic sanitation system is also one of the know-hows of Incheon Airport. The airport introduced a three-step fever check for departing passengers (Terminal → Departure Area → Boarding gates), preemptively creating a disease prevention chain across the whole departing process.

After the US Ambassador Harry B. Harris to South Korea saw this three-step fever check, he praised that Korea’s preventive measures are worth becoming an international template.

It is not just for departing passengers. Passengers entering Korea from COVID-19 infected regions must pass through a designated area, and their aircraft is assigned to a designated apron. Any passenger with symptoms such as fever are separated from others upon arrival and undergoes different procedures. Currently, there are 70,000 workers in Incheon Airport, and no one has been infected yet! Amazing!

Such disease prevention systems were recognized globally, until Incheon Airport finally earned the Airport Health Accreditation from Airport Council International (ACI) for the first time as an airport in the Asia-Pacific region!

Starting with Bali Airport of Indonesia, Incheon Airport is planning to introduce K-airport disease prevention across the world. While exporting the K-airport disease prevention consulting package to the airports worldwide, Incheon Airport is also planning to actively use marketing campaigns to win large airport development project awards.

Look forward to Incheon Airport’s reassured K-airport disease prevention, which will sweep the world just like BTS!

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