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Incheon Airport, which has been recognized internationally for its state-of-the-art facilities and high-level technologies, is actively engaging in tech sharing. It shares its technological information with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them develop. Incheon Airport is making not one-off but continued efforts to create a virtuous cycle! It is happening in the tech sharing platform Incheon Airport Tech Market!

This post will introduce this platform, which shares new tech with SMEs in the aviation industry. Let’s take a look at what specific services are provided and technologies are shared!

Let’s start with what Incheon Airport Tech Market is and see how it began.

What is Incheon Airport Tech Market?

SMEs in Korea are the backbone of the economy, which accounts for 99% of the companies and 88% of the hiring. Due to higher entry barriers to the public works market, however, it is true that it’s hard for even SMEs with tech capabilities to survive on their own. In light of this, Incheon Airport built its tech sharing platform Incheon Airport Tech Market to tear down such barriers and provide more opportunities to SMEs.

The open platform Incheon Airport Tech Market establishes infrastructure based on the cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, it has user-friendly internal/external portal interface. Incheon Airport provides opportunities to SMEs and shares and collaborates new tech with them, so don’t you think it will further improve productivity in the aviation sector? Such collaboration can lead to not only more profits and inclusive growth for SMEs but also greater operational efficiency, better services, and more jobs! Considering the ripple effect of localizing key aviation tech and equipment on the economy, its impact will be huge, won’t it?

What services does Incheon Airport Tech Market provide?

Incheon Airport Tech Market provides 5 services. SMEs propose tech and R&D to Incheon Airport and promote them through portal interface. It is also reliable that the iTRS model and interface are provided to ensure a transparent procedure in proposing new tech.

(1) Tech proposal

Tech proposal means allowing SMEs to freely propose their outstanding tech and R&D related to the airport. Incheon Airport conducts review and evaluation related to the introduction of tech and then applies it to airport operations. Such applied tech is registered in Incheon Airport Tech Market and can be accumulated continuously.

(2) Tech contest

Incheon Airport holds on its portal contests for tech and R&D deemed necessary. Such contests allow SMEs with applicable tech to directly participate and apply it to airport operations. Currently, contests are held in various areas such as R&D in baggage smart disease prevention system, localization for baggage trays, and development for smart safety management system. As smarter automation is required along with advances in tech, it will be worth expecting more from Incheon Airport!

(3) Tech promotion

In addition, SMEs also request Incheon Airport to promote their tech. As any SME can make such requests in Incheon Airport Tech Market, many SMEs are participating.

(4) SME F.A.S.T

What is important might be support for continuous R&D. Incheon Airport is providing support through SME FAST so that SMEs can be self-reliant. SME FAST refers to a program that provides support for SMEs’ biggest obstacles: finance, application, supporting a market, and training.

It covers loans, jobs, overseas export programs, and productivity training. These active efforts will certainly lead to a higher level of tech development in aviation, right?

(5) Aviation tech trends

Data analytics is being conducted actively in key aviation tech. Incheon Airport Tech Market analyzes keywords in the aviation industry, shares cluster analytics data, and provides information about aviation tech trends. SMEs can see evolving tech in aviation through this platform and get the chance to participate in tech contests and promotions!

What technologies you can see in Incheon Airport Tech Market?

Let’s take a look at what technologies are promoted and used with Incheon Airport’s certification.

SMEs promote their key technologies in Incheon Airport Tech Market, such as CCTV solutions and AI illegal parking detection systems. As seen from the photos, various technologies are shared across different areas. Many companies using Incheon Airport Tech Market can check out each other’s tech and apply them to aviation!

Furthermore, Incheon Airport Tech Market showcases various new tech certified by Incheon Airport. It’s very easy and accessible for not only SMEs but also other various stakeholders to see new tech via this platform. They can check out all the certified tech and come up with better ideas.

We have looked at Incheon Airport Tech Market, which helps SMEs to develop their tech. Isn’t the future of the aviation sector getting brighter thanks to Incheon Airport Tech Market, which reduces market entry barriers for SME and helps them to share tech efficiently?

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