Incheon Airport wins Grand Prize for Sustainable Management

On October 27, Incheon Airport was awarded Grand Prize for Sustainable Management at the 2020 Global Standard Management Awards!

It is quite meaningful that it was recognized as a leader in sustainable management despite difficult circumstances due to COVID-19. How did Incheon Airport win this award? Let’s find out!

What award did Incheon Airport win?

The Global Standard Management Awards, sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and hosted by Korea Management Registrar (KMR), selects outperforming Korean companies in 12 management categories, including Sustainable Management and Innovative Management.

Grand Prize in Sustainable Management, which was awarded to Incheon Airport, is given to a company or organization that establishes and practices balanced management strategies between economy, environment, and society and achieves sustainable growth.

In this category, Incheon Airport won Grand Prize for Best Report with its sustainability report, which can serve as an example for good quality and effective communication.

Aren’t you wondering what report it is? It is Incheon Airport’s social value report Connecting with Incheon Airport and People.

Taking 1st place with Incheon Airport’s CSR Report, [ With, the Initiatives for Our better ]

Incheon Airport has been publishing its sustainability report since 2007 to share Incheon Airport’s sustainable management activities and performance.

Starting in 2018, Incheon Airport retitled its sustainability report as corporate social responsibility report, clearly showing Incheon Airport’s commitment to social values and its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In this award ceremony, Incheon Airport’s CSR Report, [With, The Initiatives for Our Better Future] scored the highest in importance, understandability, and reliability, claiming 1st place among other 89 candidates.

In particular, it was highly evaluated for reflecting compliance with 21 standards required at the advanced level of the UN Global Compact, one of the international sustainable management reporting guidelines, and being easy-to-understand for readers!

It is significant since the social value and sustainable management which Incheon Airport is seeking are recognized in accordance with global standards!

The airport industry grows or declines depending on how an airport is operated, since it is closely connected with passengers, partners, and local communities due to the nature of business. This is why an airport operator establishes the foundation for co-existence and develops activities such as shared growth and social contributions is important in not only creating social value but also ensuring business sustainability.

Incheon Airport is creating various social values from jobs to shared growth with partners, human right issues, and local economies. In all of its management activities, the airport is working hard to deliver not only economic performance but also social performance contributing to the public, and this report is a product of its efforts.

It is also worth noting that the airport pursues active communication with readers. Incheon Airport’s CSR Report was prepared as a web report for the first time by any public corporation and is actively receiving feedback through an online reader feedback channel. You can see Incheon Airport’s efforts to not only create social value but also share and communicate its outcomes, right? 😊

Incheon Airport will continue to take the lead for a world where everyone is happy together. If you want to know more about Incheon Airport, which is creating social value through constant innovation and transparent communication, click to read Incheon Airport’s CSR Report!

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