Incheon Airport Economic Zone, A Game Changer in the Post-COVID-19 Era

The criteria for evaluating airports are changing. While in the past, connectivity as in “how many cities an airport can serve” and importance as a transport hub were valued, the role of airports is recently being defined more comprehensively as an economic hub with tourism value and job creation and disease control and prevention hub safe from COVID-19.

Accordingly, ‘airport economic zones’ are emerging as new game changers to further increase the value of airports. An airport economic zone refers to an economic ecosystem around the airport with airport infrastructure and surrounding business environments. At a time when the airport industry faces a crisis due to the impact of COVID-19, not just airports but airport-related industries need a model to overcome COVID-19.

Since establishing an airport economic zone by promoting airport-related industries would boost the entire airport ecosystem, relevant discussions have been continuing to take place.

What will the future of Airport Economic Zone look like?

The Incheon Airport Economic Zone Committee was launched in July to promote the Incheon Airport Economic Zone. Read on to find out more about the two projects in the Incheon Airport Economic Zone announced by the committee and look at what specific plans are in place for its future.

(1) Safe & Clean Airport Cluster

Incheon Airport has garnered attention and trust around the world with its disease control and prevention know-how with smart tech. Incheon Airport is painting a big picture as it declared Yeongjong Island as the world’s first safety island by establishing a global medical tourism park with medical centers and care facilities in Yeongjong Island. If a biotech industrial park is also built in Songdo with healthcare companies and research centers, it will make safe and clean cluster around Incheon Airport, won’t it?

(2) Stay Over Tourism Cluster

What if Incheon Airport itself becomes a tourism destination? What if enough tourism content is provided as a stay-over tourism destination? The second project is to create a stay over tourism cluster. By constructing resorts and landmarks which Incheon Airport visitors can enjoy easily, it plans to make the surrounding areas of the airport a differentiated tourism destination.

In particular, many people want safe and clean tourism resources since COVID-19 began. If various tourism attractions, which allow you to travel safely despite COVID-19, are prepared in Incheon Airport and its surrounding areas, it is expected to effectively attract potential demand among foreigners.

Crisis is opportunity to innovate! Incheon Airport is trying to become a game changer who leads new growth despite COVID-19. It will work hard to establish an airport-centered industrial ecosystem based on collaboration and solidarity with various stakeholders. We are looking forward to your interest and support for the Airport Economic Zone!

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