Checkup Before Your Departure! COVID-19 Screening Center in Incheon Airport

Preparing for travel used to be full of excitement, but now passengers must take the utmost caution for safety. There are many things to note for your departure due to COVID-19. Some countries require arriving travelers to present a certificate of negative COVID-19 test result and other documentation for proof of health in addition to your passport.

But there is good news! Incheon Airport has set up a special place to alleviate your departure process and ensure your safety with its COVID-19 Screening Center, the first of its kind in airports nationwide.

Incheon Airport’s COVID-19 Screening Center, which begins operations starting December 31, offers one-stop services for passengers to easily and conveniently get tested for COVID-19 before departure and obtain a certificate of negative test result along with other documentation. Feel free to visit as the screening center complies strictly with COVID-19 guidelines for disease control and prevention!

Now, let’s delve into visiting the center and using its services.

One-stop services from COVID-19 testing to documentation!

Incheon Airport’s COVID-19 Screening Center provides services in 6 simple steps from reservation to medical certificate issuance.

You can make a reservation to get tested on our website a day prior. Those who want to receive same-day testing can schedule a test on the spot. While reservations must be made by the person getting tested, you can make a reservation on behalf of up to 3 people that are minors or elderly!

Wait! Don’t forget to bring your passport and ID when visiting the screening center.

When you visit the center, you will get two types of diagnostic tests: PCR* and antibody tests.

(1) PCR test

PCR test is globally considered the “gold standard,” and it is also used in screening clinics and hospitals in Korea. A cotton swab is inserted in your nose or throat to collect a sample, from which ribonucleic acid (RNA) is extracted and amplified to check whether two or more genes characterizing COVID-19 are positive.

(2) Antibody test

Antibody test is conducted with an intravenous blood draw since it determines the presence of antibodies in blood unlike other COVID-19 tests. A subject is considered to have immunity if antibodies are formed. It can also track whether you have been infected previously, so it can be used as a measure for herd immunity. It helps to establish more effective disease prevention and control measures.

Incheon Airport’s COVID-19 Screening Center is operated together with Inha Univ. Hospital, which has accumulated professional experience and competent skills from its operations of Airport Medical Center in Incheon Airport.

However, COVID-19 tests are intended to check the health status of people departing for other countries. So, please note that it may differ from typical tests designed for people with COVID-19 symptoms or those who have come in contact with COVID-19 patients.

Test results are sent via SMS text messages, and you can receive a medical certificate by visiting the COVID-19 Screening Center.

How much does the test cost?

You may be wondering about how much it costs. Fees are categorized by medical consultation fees, test fees, and health certificate fees. Medical consultation fees and PCR test fees differ depending on whether you are a Korean national or non-Korean. Medical consultation fees also vary depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend. Make sure to check for the exact fees before scheduling a test.

While test fees may be subject to change, PCR test costs KRW 80,000 and antibody test costs KRW 50,000 based on fee-for-service. Also, please note that a copy of a health condition report form will incur additional cost!

When can I check my test result?

Bear in mind, screening results are not instantaneous. We advise that you contact the COVID-19 Screening Center and check in advance how long it will take to get the result for each test before you depart since the result waiting time varies depending on the test!

While antibody test results take about an hour, it takes at least 7 hours for PCR test results to be ready.

Only those who receive a PCR test between 9 AM to 10 AM can receive the results by 5 PM or later on the same day. It’d be best to receive a test in the morning for those who have to depart on the same day!

The results of any PCR test taken after 10 AM are provided at 9 AM or later on the next day. So, keep this mind for your itinerary!

*You can only schedule a test on the spot by 5:30 PM. Please note that no test can be scheduled after that deadline.


Where is the COVID-19 Screening Center located?

Incheon Airport is establishing an outstanding disease prevention and control system in the frontline of COVID-19. The COVID-19 Screening Center is expected to establish a safer environment to use the airport and improve user convenience.

Furthermore, Incheon Airport’s COVID-19 Screening Center will also play an important role in a special immigration procedure implemented by the government to restore flight demand. It will become one of the pillars in airport disease control infrastructure to review new immigration polices like travel bubble, which alleviates immigration requirements, such as 2-week self-quarantine for travelers for preventing COVID-19.

Safety is our number one priority! We will work harder to make Incheon Airport safe!

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