Worry-Free Parking! How to Use Incheon Airport’s Long-Term Parking Lot

How do you get to Incheon Airport? You can use public transport, such as AREX and limousine bus, or you can drive your own car. As of recently, many people have been driving to the airport due to COVID-19 and worry about where to park their car.

What if you need to park while you’re not just visiting the airport for the day, but gone away for a long period of time during your travel or business trip? Many visitors are probably familiar with Incheon Airport’s Short-Term Parking Lot, but did you know about the Long-Term Parking Lot? In this post, we’ll cover in detail how you can use the parking lot and even reserve a spot via Incheon Airport’s parking reservation services!

Make a reservation in just a few clicks!

Incheon Airport launched its parking reservation services in November of last year. Now you can park your car at your desired time regardless of parking lot congestion! Anyone can use the services to reserve a parking spot, and reserving is as easy as pie.

For starters, go to Incheon Airport’s parking reservation website (http://parking.airport.kr/reserve)! You can access the website on mobile and make a reservation on your smartphone. You can the check the parking lot location by selecting your terminal and parking lot. You can also select your dates of entry and exit when you reserve to check parking availability.

Click next, then enter your license plate and phone numbers. Voilà, your reservation is complete! If you want to check, change or cancel your reservation, click on Check/Change/Cancel on the website.

Key points to know before reserving!

Anyone who parks for 3 days or longer can use Incheon Airport’s parking reservation services, but make sure to check the instructions!

For your reservation period, you can make a reservation 3 to 45 days before your preferred date. For your use period, you can use the parking lot for 3 to 30 days.

Parking fees are the same as the currently charged rates (KRW 1,000 per hour/KRW 9,000 per day). You can pay fees at an unmanned payment kiosk or manned payment booth.

If you do not use the parking lot after you have made a reservation and you repeat 2 times or more in a year, there is a penalty that bans you from using the reservation services for 3 months.

Now, you don’t have to worry about how and where to park your car when you will be away for an extended period of time! If you don’t wish to take public transport and instead drive to Incheon Airport due to COVID-19, make sure to use Incheon Airport’s parking reservation services for your convenience!

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