Smart Lifestyle Trends in Korea During COVID-19

As COVID-19 drags on, we miss many things around us which we used to enjoy easily. However, you can’t just remain disappointed! As the saying goes, “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it!” During the COVID-19 pandemic, people still find some fun in their daily life. Although it’s different from before, we can still work out, enjoy hobbies, and travel in a new style—in a way that is safe from COVID-19, of course. In this post, we’d like to introduce smart lifestyle trends during COVID-19 that kills two birds with one stone.

It’s dangerous outside! Do everything at home with homeconomy

With social distancing and quarantine protocols, people have been spending more and more time at home than before. However, many are also dreading their life at home, feeling stuck and missing outings at cafes, movie theaters, gyms, and just the outside world in general. Rest assured, though, you can still enjoy “outdoor” activities indoors! What if we told you that you can make barista-grade coffee, watch cinematic movies on a large screen, and even work out with workout equipment all at the comfort of your home? In fact, sales for products such as beam projectors, espresso machines, and at-home workout equipment have soared since the COVID-19 outbreak.

This new economic activity at home is referred to as “homeconomy” (or “stay-at-home economy”). Homeconomy, which is a portmanteau of “home” and “economy,” shows a trend during COVID-19 where most economic activities including consumption are conducted at home. Trends like home cooking, home brewing, and home workouts are part of this so-called homeconomy. Now, our homes are becoming a place where everything is possible beyond just a place where we live.

Itching to put in the effort? Instant DIY is half the fun!

Have you heard of dalgona coffee that can be made only after stirring 400 times? It’s a fresh recipe from YouTube. It was trending as a fun way that gets rid of boredom during this prolonged COVID-19. As we stay longer at home, recipes or products that can be made simply with some effort are gaining attention. There are meal kits which you can make simply by using the ingredients included or do-it-yourself (DIY) products which you have to make entirely on your own.

Professor Kim Nan-do at the Department of Consumer Science, Seoul National University picked “DIY” as a keyword for consumption trends during COVID-19. Unlike self-prepared where you must find all the ingredients, it is a new word that refers to products and services to be completed with some effort along with prepared ingredients like meal kits or DIY products. If you feel bored at home, what about putting some effort for yourself today? How about blowing away stress from COVID-19 with a sense of achievement from making something on your own?

Air travel!? Contactless vacation, a safe distancing trip

What you may miss most during COVID-19 is probably travel. While many of you travel at the end or beginning of the year, it is difficult to do so nowadays. However, we have contactless vacation where you travel while distancing safely.

Instead of accommodations in many tourism destinations where you run into many people, how about transforming your car into your own accommodation? Car camping where you go on a long drive and sleep in your car is becoming popular these days. In fact, sales for camping mats or docking tents installed in trunks have sharply increased after COVID-19. In addition, camping alone where you travel alone somewhere is another trend in contactless vacation.

However, some of you may be disappointed as you cannot even think of traveling overseas. Although you cannot go overseas, there is a way that makes you feel as if you are traveling overseas—it’s called no-destination flights! No-destination flight is a pseudo-travel where you take off from Incheon Airport and land in Incheon Airport. You can enjoy getting on board the airplane, which is the most trembling moment in your overseas travel, and it is contactless vacation where you do not come into contact with anyone in another country. It is a tourism product that also ensures safety.

It’s an essential part of your overseas travel, isn’t’ it? If you use a no-destination flight, you can also enjoy duty-free benefits in Incheon Airport. Although a no-destination flight has no entry or exit to or from another country, it is a tourism product recognized as an international flight. In other words, you can enjoy the same tax benefits as other overseas tourists.

A no-destination flight can be only enjoyed in Incheon Airport. To prevent and control the disease, all no-destination flights will be flied only in Incheon Airport. As Incheon Airport has even exported K-quarantine (disease prevention and control) airport protocols and smart services, you can confidently and safely rest assured!

So far, we have looked at smart lifestyle trends during COVID-19. There are many ways to have fun in your daily life while complying with COVID-19 guidelines. We hope we can go back to normal and travel freely like before in 2021. Incheon Airport will also be there with you. Let’s get this over with together!

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