Cultural Lounge in Incheon Airport Trending on Social Media

Waiting for your flight may be boring and even exhausting. Why wait to get to your travel destination to relax when you can conveniently relax at Incheon Airport?

Incheon Airport’s Cultural Lounge, which opened in February under the themes of art and nature, is gaining widespread attention as a special place for passengers to relax while waiting for their departing flights. Let’s take a closer look at what this place has to offer!

Incheon Airport or Incheon Culture-port? Relaxing with art!

“Planning to get ahead in competition among post-COVID-19 global airport hubs by turning Incheon Airport into a world-class culture-port and providing Incheon Airport’s differentiated arts and culture services”

Cultural Lounge, which captures Incheon Airport’s ambitions, is not just simply a lounge but a place that encapsulates the airport’s vision and efforts as an arts and culture airport. Two locations have opened in Duty-Free Zone of Terminal 1. By the end of the year, two additional locations will be added to provide a unique experience in Incheon Airport.

The lounge in the Duty-Free Zone of Terminal 1 is divided into East (Gate 16) and West (Gate 39), and each place is shaped based on different concepts. In their design phase, we prioritized using eco-friendly materials, arranging a travel path for passengers’ comfort, and ensuring enough space for optimal relaxation.

The two Cultural Lounges are called Little Forest and Star-Dium. As various performances, such as jazz, classical, and traditional Korean music, are played every day in such a comfortable place, it is likely that this place is emerging as a hot place with trending posts on social media. Let’s take a deep dive into each of the lounges!

Lounge #1 [West]: Little Forest

Little Forest located by Gate 39 in Terminal 1’s West Antler is established around a large tree structure as tall as 6.5 meters. As its name suggests, its concept is a little forest in the airport and its major theme is comfort from complete slowness and natural curves.

Its name is influenced by George Frideric Handel’s aria “Ombra mai fu” (Largo from Xerxes). Handel also said comfort provided from trees fits well with the slowest tempo largo.

Given that the name of the lounge is Little Forest, the image of comfort under the shade of a big tree, a relaxing afternoon, non-structured design, and eased tension may come to your mind. As it consists of various plants as well as a tree structure, it provides rest and relaxation in nature. You may enjoy your break here as if you are in nature!

Lounge #2 [East]: Star-Dium

Star-Dium located by Gate 16 in Terminal 1’s East Antler has a unique structure with the theme of lights and stars. It features the major theme of adding flavor to travel with lights and stars. Unlike largo in the West Antler, its structure implements moderato.


Terminal 1 is often used by airlines in Star Alliance including Asiana Airlines. This is why Star-Dium features various fantastic images with a unique structure featuring stars and reflected images.

The beauty of lights reflected into a variety of colors through prism harmonizes with the lounge, providing unique entertainment to passengers. See how East and West Antlers offer varied experiences?

Today, we have looked at Incheon Airport’s Cultural Lounge featuring art and nature. We can see how Incheon Airport, which has planned various exhibitions and provided comfortable places in various locations, is implementing a world-class culture-port. Incheon Airport will provide differentiated arts and culture services to passengers!

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