A Meal at Incheon Airport for Any Type of Craving

There are many reasons why Incheon International Airport is consistently ranked as one of the best airports in the world, from unique attractions to help travellers pass the time between flights to ample amenities aimed at taking the stress out of air travel. But another reason – and one that benefits everyone coming and going from Incheon – is the food. No matter what time of day you happen to be travelling or what your appetite is asking for, you will likely find it somewhere at ICN. From traditional Korean specialities to sweet treats and Western-style comfort food, your cravings are covered.

*Due to COVID-19, some stores are currently under temporary closure. Please check the operation status on the website before visiting.


What are you craving?

① Something deep fried: Chimac Hunter

For most of us, deep fried foods hit the spot in a lot of ways, whether you’re in the mood for something comforting or indulgent (or both). Since one of Korea’s most famous pairings has to be fried chicken and beer, get your deep fried food fix at Chimac Hunter, with two locations at ICN. Korea is known for its ultra-crunchy fried chicken unlike what you’d find in North America, so it’s well worth getting a taste if you haven’t already.

📌 Near Gate 249 on 3F, Terminal 2

📌 Near Gate 118 on 3F, Concourse

② Something local and casual: Myungga’s Garden

Often, meals eaten in airports have to be quick and casual by necessity, but that doesn’t mean your meal should lack flavour. Since you’re in South Korea, why not settle in for some traditional dishes accompanied by traditional Korean drinks ? Myungga’s Garden offers a fast-casual atmosphere perfect for filling up before a flight or simply relaxing with a drink and a book when you want to unwind.

📌 Center of Public Area 4F, Terminal 1

③ Something Chinese: Little Xingkai

Similar to deep fried foods, Chinese food holds a soft spot in many people’s hearts (and appetites). If a plate of fried rice, dim sum or sweet and sour pork sounds good to you, you might want to head to one of two locations of Little Xingkai.

📌Terminal 2, 4F, Duty-free Area, Foodcourt Foodium

④ Something spicy: Hanokjip

Known for its steamed kimchi combo and kimchi stews, Hanokjip might be the place you’re looking for if you’re craving something spicy. Not to mention, filling your belly with a traditional Korean dish is a great way to start or end your trip to South Korea. And let’s face it – kimchi is a huge part of Korean culinary culture so why not get in one more quick fix before your flight?

📌Incheon airport Terminal 1 B1F

⑤ Something Japanese: NamHae

Always crowded with guests for a good reason, NamHae is where you’ll want to go if you’re craving Japanese food, which is always a flavourful yet not-too-filling meal option. Here you’ll find all of your Japanese favourites, from sushi and sashimi to rice bowls and udon.

📌Center point of B1, Terminal 2

⑥ Something sweet: Voila or Bizeun

Whether after a meal or just because your sweet tooth is calling out for something satisfying, if you’re looking for something sweet while at the airport, make your way to Voila, which serves unique flavours of ice cream made right on the spot using liquid nitrogen. Or, if your taste buds are craving something more traditionally Korean, stop by Bizeun, which serves up tasty local sweets, beverages and more.

📌West of Public Area 4F, Terminal 1

📌Near Gate 231 on 3F, Terminal 2

📌 Near Exit 5 on 3F, Terminal 1

📌 Center of Public Area 4F, Terminal 1

📌 Near Gate 46 on 3F, Terminal 1

Written by Jessica Padykula

Jessica is a freelance writer, editor and blogger in Toronto, with a focus on travel and lifestyle.


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