8 Priority Services in Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport is so vast that first-time visitors are often amazed by its size.

Incheon Airport provides priority services to those who find it difficult to move around. Today, we will look at what services are available at Incheon Airport, which declared “zero discomfort for people with reduced mobility!”

1) Far from the Info Desk? Use the Help Phone service!

While Incheon Airport has Info Desks here and there, they may feel very far away for those people with reduced mobility (PRMs). That’s why Incheon Airport has numerous Help Phone service spots available for them! You can get connected directly to the nearest Info Desk in the terminal just by picking up the phone. The easy-to-use Help Phone service provides convenience to all passengers!

If you find it difficult to use the Help Phone service, you can also use the SMS Consultation service. You can get a reply immediately by texting Incheon Airport’s Help Desk at 1577-2600.

2) From wheelchair and stroller rentals to braille brochures all at Incheon Airport’s Info Desk!

You can rent wheelchairs and strollers for free at every Info Desk in Incheon Airport. Also, braille brochures are available for people with visual impairments. Just ask for what you need at the Info Desk!

3) Accessible curbside and parking for PRMs

There are accessible curbside and parking spots for PRMs who visit Incheon Airport via car according to counters in the airport!

Accessible curbside is available in front of Terminal 1 (near Exits 3 and 12) and Terminal 2 (near Exits 2 and 7). Accessible parking is available here and there, so check out the following picture for locations! J

4) Valet parking for your convenience

Visitors can park more easily and safely by using Incheon Airport’s authorized paid valet parking services. Please note that discounts are provided to compact cars, people with disabilities, and people with national merits!

5) Wheelchair lift services for heavy wheelchairs!

Wheelchair lift services are available for free for wheelchair-bound visitors who find it difficult to get from Long-term Parking Lot to Passenger Terminal in Incheon Airport. Since you can use it only after making a reservation, please note the following contact information and available hours:

Contact: +82-32-741-3217

Hours: 9 AM–10 PM

Note: Reservations available only during weekdays prior to use to reduce call/service/wait hours


6) Electric cart pick-up services to chauffeur you to the boarding gate safely!

Incheon Airport provides chauffeur services for PRMs who find it difficult to get around the airport! You can use the chauffeur services by reserving it via Help Desk (1577-2600) before arriving at the airport or requesting via the Info Desk or Help Phone on the spot. We drive you in an electric cart safely from each entrance to your check-in counter in General Area on 3F and from each departure to your boarding gate in Duty-free Zone on 3F.

In addition to Incheon Airport’s pick-up services, you can use a separate mobility service depending on your airline. We recommend you to contact your airline since methods to use the service may be different depending on your airline!

7) Priority lane services for security and immigration checks all at once in a separate lane!

Many passengers find it exhausting to wait when there are long lines at security and immigration checks. Did you know that there is a lane prepared for PRMs to address such discomfort?

PRMs who can use the lane include people with disabilities in mobility, children under 7, seniors 70 and older, pregnant women, and people with weak physical conditions (those requiring wheelchairs or medical oxygen)! Up to 3 people accompanying a PRM can use the service.

Let’s take a look at the Priority Lane procedures!

1) During a check-in at the airport, confirm that you are eligible for the service and receive a Priority Card.

2) Present the Priority Card along with your passport/boarding pass to security staff at Priority Departure Entrance.

3) Go through security to immigration checks all at once and move on to your boarding gate.

Terminal 1

Exclusive Departures 1 and 6: 7 AM–10 AM

Side doors to Departures 2 to 5: Same hours as departures


Terminal 2

Departure 1: 6:30 AM–7 PM

Departure 2: 24/7

8) Special assistance for various one-stop services!

Two special assistance centers recently opened in Terminal 1 available for free before boarding your flight.

At the centers, you can use various one-stop services such as PRM-exclusive lounge, electric cart pick-up services, wheelchair/stroller rentals, and child safety wristbands, which is expected to greatly contribute to improving convenience for PRMs.

The centers are located at Departure Gates 25 and 29 in Terminal 1 and open from 8 AM to 10 PM. Remember that PRMs, including seniors of age 65 and older, people with disabilities, pregnant women and children, can use them for free!

In this post, we looked at Incheon Airport’s various services for PRMs. You can see how Incheon Airport strengthens its facilities and services for PRMs in line with its vision of a people-centered airport creating new values in life. Incheon Airport will continue to provide optimal services considering the circumstances of various passengers!

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