There’s a Wall that Moves in Incheon Airport’s Arrival Hall!

The minute that passengers land at Incheon Airport, they all pass through the airport’s arrival hall. While arrivals halls of most airports may be just a transient throughfare, did you know that Incheon Airport’s arrival hall serves as an exhibition space that features a media wall of art depicting traditional Korean culture?

What’s a better way of arriving in Korea than being greeted by art and traditional Korean culture while you walk by on a moving walkway?

Located at the eastern arrival hall of Terminal 1, Incheon Airport’s media wall combines Korean cultural heritage and information technology (IT) to provide visitors with a beautiful and positive image of Korea as soon as they arrive.

Starting with three LED media walls, it ends with 4 kinetic artworks and transparent LED traditional culture media. Let’s take a closer look at them! J

LED media wall that encapsulates various cultures

First up is the LED media wall, and there are five themes to it: Joseon royal bojagi, mother-of-pearl lacquerware, traditional dance, Korean language, and AI tourism map.

The media wall features beautiful depictions of Joseon royal bojagi and mother-of-pearl lacquerware artworks of the National Palace Museum of Korea and National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Joseon royalty had a culture of packaging things in a formal manner, and made various and beautiful bojagi (wrapping cloths). Mother-of-pearl lacquerware refers to lacquered ware decorated with mother-of-pearl fragments. It is a type of craft inserted or attached with shiny mother-of-pearl fragments in various patterns. Since such works had very high value due to their colorfulness and lavishness, mother-of-pearl lacquerware was mostly owned by the aristocratic yangban class.

The media wall also features images of traditional Korean dance, including seungmu (dance performed by Buddhist monks), taepyeongmu (dance wishing a great peace for the country), and ganggangsullae (dance wishing to bring about a bountiful harvest), which all add to the dynamic experience.

The media wall celebrates the Korean language, or Hangeul to be more precise, which features an alphabet system that demonstrates logical and scientific features. The media wall’s AI tourism map also provides directions and overview of popular tourism attractions with images displayed via QR code.

Incheon Airport’s LED media wall promotes tourist attractions and the beauty of Korean culture and art to not just Koreans but also international tourists! Each content is played for 4 minutes, so take your time viewing the wall on the moving walkway when you arrive at Incheon Airport if you have some time to spare! J

Kinetic art making things more visually exciting

When you get past the LED media wall, you will encounter some visually captivating kinetic art pieces. Kinetic art is art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect. Here, kinetic art features 4 themes: gayageum melody, traditional jogakbo, hanok door frames, and bookshelf paintings.

An artwork featuring gayageum melodies represents the melodious movement of gayageum strings characterized by gentle sounds.

How about the artwork featuring traditional jogakbo? Jogakbo is made up of colorful pieces of cloth and creates beautiful patterns with a variety of colors. It is installed on the windows like a moving blind, lighting up the arrival hall in colorful hues.

Hanok door frames are featured in an artwork with sliding door movements, showing beauty in traditional architecture and providing shade from strong sunlight.

Last of the kinetic art is an artwork that reinterprets traditional bookshelf paintings in a modern approach. Bookshelf paintings are 18th century artworks featuring bookshelves, books, ink, ink stone, stationery, vases, kettles, watches, and so on.

The featured bookshelf painting combines 324 smartphones to make a painting. The smartphones move vertically, adding dynamic dimensionality to the artwork—don’t miss the cat chasing a butterfly! 😊

LED on windows—traditional culture on transparent LED media!

After the LED media wall and kinetic art, you will pass by the last section of media art—traditional culture on transparent LED media!

It features LED on glass windows. While functioning as a window, LEDs inserted at 4 cm intervals provide information about weather and travel. Shining LED media on transparent glass windows is more beautiful when you look at it at night.

In this post, we looked at traditional culture and media art in Incheon Airport’s arrival hall. Here, you can enjoy traditional Korean culture the minute you step foot in Korea. As such, Incheon Airport will design and provide various cultural experiences so that travelers can cherish unique memories at the airport. Look forward to more media art in the future! J

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