Why are the meals of the captain and co-pilot different?

Today, we’re going to talk about people who safely take passengers to their destinations on flights—pilots! Pilots are required to accomplish several tasks at once; they have to operate the aircraft, make announcements, and frequently check the navigation system. It could be challenging for one pilot to do them all precisely at the same time. That is why there are 2 people taking care of flights, the captain and a co-pilot.

The captain and co-pilot are busy during the flight for the safety of passengers. They cannot properly relax even during mealtime. Despite the high-tech navigation system, pilots need to be focused 100% even when they are eating. Who knows when an unexpected weather condition should suddenly hit the aircraft, or an emergency should occur?

Now, did you know that the meals of the captain and co-pilot are different? It is common that passengers are given the same options for their meals. They do not necessarily have to choose a different meal to the next passenger. However, unlike passengers, captains and co-pilots are required to eat different meals. Why should that be?

Meal selection for everyone’s safety

To give you the answer first, this is to ensure that at least one of the two pilots are safe in the event there is something wrong with the food. It is not so common for there to be a problem with airline food. However, it does not mean there has not been any occurrences.

Concerns on airline food have quite a history. There has been an incident in 1975 when almost 200 passengers in a Japanese commercial flight were food poisoned. A vast number of the passengers had to seek medical assistance immediately after they arrived at their destination. The cause of the food poisoning was the ham that went bad.

Also, in 1984, there was an event when almost 1,000 food-poisoning cases occurred from a British airline. Over 800 passengers and flight authorities were showing symptoms of food poisoning. It led to a tragedy of two death cases. It was the jelly that was served with the airline food that was the problem.

Of course, regulations on airline food hygiene are much stricter today than it used to be before, so there is not so much to worry about. However, since pilots have the great responsibility to take care of the entire flight, they have to be prepared for anything that may happen. This is why the captain and co-pilot choose different meals for everyone’s safety.

In today’s post, we went over the reason why airline meals of the captain and co-pilot are different. Pilots, in fact, take good care of their health before they go on a flight. They say they avoid perishable food like raw fish or food that may cause a stomachache. Let’s send our gratitude to the pilots who are always caring for the passengers’ safety. We’ll come back with a more interesting story on our next post!

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