Local Dessert Cafes in Incheon Airport

Arriving at or departing from Incheon Airport? Have some time and want to grab something to eat? Try some sweet dessert and a cup of coffee! Incheon Airport has many places where you can enjoy delicious dessert. This post will introduce you to local dessert cafes you can only see in Korea!

1. Paris Baguette Garden Terrace Cafe

For starters, we would like to introduce Paris Baguette, one of the largest bakery brands in Korea. Pictured above is Paris Baguette Garden Terrace. You can find it at the center of Public Area (3F) in Terminal 2.

Unlike other places, Paris Baguette Garden Terrace has a small fountain with a variety of plants in the garden as suggested in its name. Overall, it feels nature friendly and lets  you to relax. You can enjoy a variety of menu selections from sandwich and salad to all sorts of pastry.

2. OUR Bakery

Next is OUR bakery where you can enjoy even sweeter dessert. With its slogan “a place where you want to be with your friends,” OUR bakery sells sweet bread and coffee. It is located in Arrival Hall B (1F) in Terminal 1. It is quite popular and has opened 20 stores in Korea in just 4 years since its foundation. The cafe aims to provide baked goods that represent Eastern bakery in the possessive sense of the word “our” with various Korean elements, and serves a wide range of bread you can enjoy.

Some of the most popular selections include its cheese cake and dirty choco. In particular, dirty choco is a chocolate pastry covered with raw chocolate and cacao powder, and it is very popular. In addition, there are Nutella banana, palmier carre, and other delectable sweets. Up for a cup of coffee and sweet dessert at OUR bakery after your long flight?

3. Daegu Geundaegolmok Danpatppang

Daegu Geundaegolmok Danpatppang is a take-out-only dessert cafe with a unique combination of danpatppang (sweet roll filled with red bean paste) and coffee where you can enjoy Korean taste and tradition. You can find it at Food Court (B1F) in Terminal 1, and take some to go as snack after your meal. Stores 1 and 2 are both open for business in Incheon Airport.

Its danpatppang menu includes modern, whipped cream, green tea whipped cream, strawberry and soboro, which interpret traditional Korean danpatppang in a modern way. Furthermore, you can enjoy Hawaiian Kona coffee, one of the world’s best-selling coffee. It is a tour food targeting global taste, so it is worth visiting there.

Today, we introduced various dessert stores you can find in Incheon Airport. Tired after a long flight? Take a break with some dessert and a cup of coffee, and spend time organizing your itinerary!

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