Easy-to-use Incheon Airport Smart Signage

Oh, no! Lost at an airport that you are visiting for the first time? Don’t worry! At Incheon Airport, a smart robot will help you find your way with artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. There’s also no need to panic if you don’t know where to claim your baggage. Simply check whether your baggage has safely arrived on your smart phone and see where it is waiting for you to come pick it up. Looking for information on convenient facilities within the airport? You can chat with Incheon Airport’s chatbot like you would with a friend—it will give you all the answers you need.

This isn’t a sci-fi story of a distant future. You can experience this futuristic reality here in the now at Incheon Airport! Incheon Airport operates Industry 4.0 technology based Smart Airport Service through cutting-edge Information Communication Technology such as the world’s first commercial airport guidance robot Airstar, Smart Baggage Tracking Service, and the AI chatbot Airbot.

What’s more, Incheon Airport is the first international airport in the world to implement an AI-powered speech recognition smart signage. Now, let’s delve into what Incheon Airport’s smart signage is all about!

Touchless voice command! The world’s first speech recognition signage

Perhaps not many are probably familiar with the term “signage”—it refers to a type of sign that delivers information.

In Incheon Airport, there are several digital signages that display various information on how to use the facility. There are various types of signages from informational signages to interactive kiosks.

Kiosks are convenient for people who are familiar with digital devices, but people still have to go through the trouble touching the screen or typing to search. Those who are not familiar with the airport often go through trial and error when using these kiosks.

However, Incheon Airport’s first-ever smart signage features AI-powered speech recognition, namely speech-to-text (STT) technology.

The signage can learn users’ repeated requests and increase its information delivery and speech recognition accuracy.  Passengers can receive information on flight schedules, restaurants, parking and transportation just by simply talking to the kiosk.

Use the smart signage like this!

Now, how do you use the smart signage? Simple! Stand in front of the smart signage and say “Hi, Airstar!”

Then, once the speech recognition feature is activated, ask for the information you need. For example, if you say “Show me flight schedules,” the signage will display a list of flight schedules on the screen. Without having to tap on the screen, you can ask for additional information, such as “Show me the fourth result.” It will then, again, show you your requested information on the screen.

The smart signage will be especially beneficial for the elderly and people with disabilities who have difficulties using IT devices, as they can simply just talk to the kiosk for information. To reduce the inconvenience of users unable to use digital devices, Incheon Airport is also planning to add a video call guide that will have information staff personally convey necessary information via video chat.

Now, anyone can say “Hi, Airstar!” and they will be trouble-free even at an  unfamiliar airport!

Incheon Airport will continue to apply smart technology that is key to Industry 4.0 in many of its airport services.

Various smart services are waiting for you in the future, such as the “home bag drop” that allows you to check-in your baggage from home, “mobile personal assistant” utilizing big data technology, and “personal mobility” for the convenience of people with reduced mobility. Please look forward to the future of Incheon Airport as it brings smarter traveling to reality!

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