Round.G, A Community Center That Creates Jobs for the New Middle-Aged

Recently, there has been a lot of attention on the “newly middle-aged generation” who left their job at around age of 50. As it is not easy to find a new job after leaving one, jobs for the new middle-aged generation are emerging as a social problem.

To tackle this problem, Incheon Airport has planned a job creation project by establishing a local community “lounge” called “Round.G” which offers a new start for the new middle-aged to welcome their golden age.

On today’s post, we will be taking a look at Round.G and into its various facilities as well as programs.

What is “A job creation project for the new middle-aged”?

Incheon Airport planned this project to tackle the problem of jobs for the new middle-aged and promote more interaction between different generations.

To do so, Incheon Airport selected two organizations—Cooperative Cultural Emergency Exit from Incheon and Dong-gu Happy Seniors Welfare Center from Daegu—after a long process of selection, including invitation, document review, interview, and site inspection.

Incheon Airport sponsored the two organizations with KRW 800 million in total so that they can plan and operate various community programs.

Currently, two community service centers have opened, and the opening of the third and fourth community service centers are under review. Incheon Airport aims to create more than 100 jobs a year for the new middle-aged by 2030 through the expansion of the community service centers nationwide. So, let’s get into each community service center’s programs and plans, shall we?

An open studio cafe at Round.G Community Service Center!

Round.G Community Service Center 1, which opened in May, is located in Seoknam-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon.

Source: Round.G’s Instagram account (@round__g)

On the first floor, there is a cafe run by a new middle-aged man who started a new chapter in his life as a barista after retirement. On the underground floor, various programs are provided such as “I Am a Teacher,” where new middle-aged people participate as lecturers and share their experiences with local residents, and “Signature Table,” where a table culture is shared between different generations. There is also a studio, which supports exchanges between local residents and different generations via YouTube in line with the latest trends.

Through collaboration with new middle-aged artists, products such as coffee bean packages designed under the theme of the new middle-aged will be developed for sale, and local specialties such as eco-friendly cotton dishcloths from Ganghwado Island will be also launched. A greater impact of Round.G is expected on local communities.

Source: Round.G’s Instagram account (@round__g)
Source: Round.G’s Instagram account (@round__g)

With great accessibility as it is located a minute away by foot from Exit 2 of Seongnam Station, local residents became a regular of this place for its delicious coffee, tea and dessert. More social interaction among the new middle-aged and other generations are expected along with participation from local residents.

Round.G Community Center 2 in Daejeon will open its doors to the public starting June 2!

Community Center 2 will prepare a studio where job training programs, including drone pilot training, can be conducted online, and establish a cultural space that displays artworks by young and new middle-aged artists in Daejeon!

Source: Round.G’s Instagram account (@round__g)

Various lectures are also prepared; there are programs like “United Generations,” where new middle-aged lecturers participate and share their experiences, and “Culture Night,” where you can watch humanities lectures and culture/art performances, which will all help us spend some meaning time with others!

Check out more information about Round.G from our website

With the slogan “Today is Goday,” Incheon Airport runs the Round.G website to provide more information and share various projects it is conducting. 😊

On the website, you can check out Round.G’s cafe interior, the dessert menu, and various news about projects ahead. You can also get more information on the status of community service centers soon to be expanded!

Today, we have looked at Incheon Airpot’s Round.G that aims to solve job problems among the new middle-aged generation. Incheon Airport is planning to continue various activities to convey social value to various communities. If you happen to visit Round.G, why not upload your photos on social media and get the word out around you? 🙂

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