Useful Transit Amenities in Incheon Airport

Traveling, even just a thought it makes us feel exited, but aren’t layovers and stopovers just so dreadful? It’s bad enough that you’re tired from flying, but it’s even more exhausting having to wait for the next flight. And traveling with kids doesn’t make it easier.

Incheon Airport has various amenities for passengers to relax even for a brief moment. Today, we will introduce four major amenities available at Incheon Airport which may come in handy! J

**Some public amenities may have been shut down due to COVID-19. Make sure to check the website for their operational status before you use them.

1. Need to browse the web? Welcome to Internet Zone!

Passengers can use the Internet for free at Incheon Airport’s Internet Zone, which can be found in the duty-free area. While everyone has a smartphone, something unexpected might always happen. Internet Zone is a place useful for cases such as when you lose your smartphone or need to use the Internet urgently. It also comes in handy when you want to browse the web on a display bigger than your smartphone.

Internet Zone is open 24/7 in both Terminals 1 and 2, so anyone can use it easily and conveniently.

[Terminal 1] Near gates 25 and 29, Duty-Free Area (4F)

[Terminal 2] Near gates 231 and 268, Duty-Free Area (4F)

2. Feeling groggy? Start your trip with a fresh shower!

After flying for a long time and walking around the airport, you’ll be drenched in sweat and want to take a shower. Don’t worry, Incheon Airport’s got you covered with showers!

Bath products? No need to bring them! You can get a towel along with a complimentary shampoo and body wash. There is a hair dryer inside, so you can dry your hair and use the airport feeling fresh. You may be wondering how much this all costs. It’s free for all transit passengers in Incheon Airport! Incheon Airport’s daily cleaned and sanitized showers got your personal hygiene covered.

[Concourse] Central Area (4F)

[Terminal 1] Near gates 25 and 29, Duty-Free Area (4F)

[Terminal 2] Near gates 231 and 268, Duty-Free Area (4F)

3. Layover or stopover? Stay at a transit hotel!

How about using a transit hotel if you arrive at Incheon Airport late at night or you have to wait for a longer time due to an unexpected flight cancellation?

Transit hotels in Duty-Free Area charge you on a 6-hour basis in Terminal 1 and a 4-hour basis in Terminal 2. Both hotels provide a discount to use the Matina Lounge.

Next to the front desk, there is business center where you can use a computer and printer, and even do some urgent office work. Rooms are equipped with WiFi, air conditioning, TV, and hair dryer.

[Terminal 1] Near gate 11, Duty-Free Area (4F)

[Terminal 2] Near gate 252, Duty-Free Area (4F)

4. Traveling with kids? Visit Kids Zone!

Kids Zone, a place parents absolutely need when traveling with their kids! Children can have an exciting time on the foam-matted floor running and jumping around.

There is also a lactation room within Kids Zone! The room has a water cooler, baby bottle sterilizer, sink, scale, and small bed to change diapers, cute mobile sculpture, and armchairs as well.

[Concourse] Central Area (4F)

[Terminal 1] East of Duty-Free Area (4F)

[Terminal 2] Near gate 231, Duty-Free Area (3F)

Today’s post covered various amenities available in Incheon Airport, and we hope that you can now spend your typically boring transit waiting time in more comfortable and enjoyable ways. Incheon Airport will continue to do its best to make even the transit experience superb for the passengers at the airport!

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