The World’s First Smart Baggage Antivirus System

Nowadays, it is a prerequisite to sanitize your hands before you go out. What’s more is that you must be careful when touching things others have touched in public transport and public places. The same goes for airports. Baggage, which is touched and handled by many people, as well as contact between different people needs to follow strict disease prevention measures.

Now, you can feel at peace when you send or receive baggage at Incheon Airport. Back in April, Incheon Airport developed the world’s first Smart Baggage Antivirus System. Given that it has been developed in collaboration with Korean SMEs, this technology makes Korea’s airport disease prevention  stand out even more on the global stage. Then, how does Incheon Airport’s Smart Baggage Antivirus System ensure safety for passengers?

Strict disease prevention through UV disinfection

Incheon Airport’s Smart Baggage Antivirus System automatically disinfects baggage before you receive it. To begin with, the system is installed as a tunnel in baggage carousels. Before passengers receive their baggage, it goes through UV-C disinfection in the tunnel. UV-C is a short wavelength of less than 280 nm, which is harmless to the human body and effective for disinfection.

Safety evaluation also has been completed strictly. The Smart Baggage Antivirus System is installed and piloted in two arrival baggage carousels in Terminal 2, and completed final usability evaluation. The Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR), an accredited body in Korea, certified its virus disinfection performance. The system has completed beta testing and has been verified, so you can rest assured when you receive your baggage.

Incheon Airport’s disease control and prevention spreading worldwide

Incheon Airport currently has a world-class antivirus system as a leader in Korea’s airport disease control and prevention. With a systematic sanitation system including contactless smart disease prevention operated by robots and kiosks as well as a 3-step temperature check, Incheon Airport is on its way to becoming a COVID-19-free airport.

Last year, Incheon Airport obtained Airport Health Accreditation from Airports Council International (ACI) for the first time in the Asia-Pacific and delivered its airport disease control and prevention knowhow to Bali Airport in Indonesia, while also setting an example for other international airports.

Collaboration with Korean SMEs, which underpins the development of Incheon Airport’s Smart Baggage Antivirus System, will also continue in the future. Recently, Airport Common User System (AirCUS) developed by Incheon Airport in collaboration with SMEs was successfully exported to Batam Airport, Indonesia. We hope this excites you to look forward to more collaboration between Incheon Airport and SMEs to overcome COVID-19!

Incheon Airport’s Smart Baggage Antivirus System will be built in 33 locations beginning from arrival baggage carousels in Terminal 2 to other baggage carousels by next year.

Incheon Airport is also planning to export its Smart Baggage Antivirus System to other foreign airports in an effort to take the lead in finding markets and growth for Korean SMEs. You can expect safer travels at Incheon Airport now that it’s equipped with the Smart Baggage Antivirus System! 😊

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