“Order Your Food Online!” Incheon Airport Smart Order Service

In a rush and need to grab a bite? You can order food 10 minutes before you arrive at the airport and eat as soon as you arrive! How? Simple! Just use NAVER Smart Order for restaurants in Incheon Airport.

You can search for restaurants on the NAVER app on your way to the airport, or arrive and scan the restaurant’s QR code with your mobile device and order right away. Now, let’s take a closer look into how you can use Incheon Airport’s contactless smart ordering service!

Incheon Airport × NAVER

Incheon Airport officially introduced its smart ordering service on May 10th in line with the current contactless trend. Users can place orders with minimal contact with employees and other visitors while preventing the spread of COVID-19. Another advantage is that the contactless easy-to-order process can greatly reduce waiting time!

There has been continuous effort with partners to launch this service. Last December, Incheon Airport signed an MOU with NAVER along with the airport’s POS operator Fiserv Korea and F&B companies, including Lotte GRS, Amoje Food, OurHome, Paris Croissant, Pulmuone Food & Culture, and CJ Foodville .

Incheon Airport rolled out the service to the public this past May after it established a contactless ordering environment in the airport and NAVER linked the smart ordering system with partners.

Place your smart order like this!

Any traveler visiting Incheon Airport can use the smart order service by ordering in two ways: Pick-up Order and Table Order.

Pick-up Order allows you to place your smart order and pay via NAVER before arriving at the airport. You can pick up your food from the restaurant when you receive a notification alert. Table Order allows you to scan the restaurant’s QR code and order from the table.

Let’s delve into the ordering process! After finding a restaurant on the NAVER app or scanning the restaurant’s QR code, the first thing you need to do is deciding whether to dine in or take out. Then, select the menu of your choice and add other options, if you so crave. Previously, there was much pressure when placing long orders with a line of customers behind you but now, worry no more with the help of smart order!

After placing your order, enter basic order information and you can even add detailed requests. At the end of your order, you can check your order number, order status, and restaurant location along with other details. Easy, right?

Today, we’ve looked at Incheon Airport’s smart order service which allows you to get food in Incheon Airport more easily. Next time you visit Incheon Airport, don’t forget to use this service and have a good time without waiting in line! 😊

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