“Beyond Reality” XR Exhibition at Incheon Airport

Have you heard the news? There will be a unique exhibition at Incheon Airport’s Transportation Center 1 from July 1 to July 18! Don’t miss out on your chance to check out the “Beyond Reality” extended reality (XR) exhibition held by the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN).

The exhibition will screen 60 XR films based on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and hologram (HR). Here on today’s post, we will introduce what BIFAN is and look into the Beyond Reality exhibition at Incheon Airport!

BIFAN, the largest international film festival in Asia

The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), which has grown into the largest international film festival in Asia, is hosted every year with new themes and content.

The 25th BIFAN in 2021 opens with the theme of Stay Strange and the symbol of Cell of Fantasy, and it will play 258 films from 42 countries this year. This event will root for “odd” people embracing for new and diverse possibilities and emitting imagination with creative energy.

Official BIFAN poster

BIFAN reflects this slogan and has recently unveiled its cake series poster. It intends to show harmony in disharmony with a design which feels cute and odd at the same time.

Meanwhile, BIFAN has also uploaded its official animation trailer under the theme of ‘ghost story’ and garners more expectations. Let’s check out the exhibition Beyond Reality held at Incheon Airport.

Watch the trailer


The following video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Beyond Reality” XR exhibition

This year, BIFAN’s XR exhibition “Beyond Reality” marks its 6th anniversary. The title signifies that it looks into various layers of what we believe is “reality.” It “virtually” represents various situations felt differently ever before at a time when familiar things become odd, and odd things become familiar due to COVID-19.

“Beyond Reality” consists of 3 programs: official exhibitions (e.g. Baobab Studios Special Exhibition), XR3 Virtual Exhibition, and BIFAN x Unity Short Film Challenge. Now, let’s take a look at each of them!

Beyond Reality - ① Baobab Studios Special Exhibition

Source: https://beyondreality.bifan.kr/featured/baobab-spotlight

Baobab Studios is an animation studio that has attempted various directions and representations for interactive content since its foundation in 2015, and has inspired many VR animation artists.

Five films will be introduced in this special exhibition: Bonfire, Crow: The Legend, Namoo, Baba Yaga, and Paper Birds. You can also watch Korea’s XR content films Soyosan and Red Eyes!

Beyond Reality - ② XR3 Virtual Exhibition

XR3, a global XR film festival hosted at Incheon Airport this year, plays XR films based on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and hologram (HR).

It features travel as the theme, and you can explore various parts of the world through the portal in different countries. It is being hosted simultaneously in 10 different countries including the US and France, and all domestic and international passengers in Incheon Airport can watch them.

This event is hosted through international collaboration with Cannes Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and NewImages Festival. This year, Incheon Airport partners with XR3, and you can watch the exhibition, which will be hosted all around the world simultaneously, at Incheon Airport.

Incheon Airport provides the venue, promotes the event, and offers overall support for the film festival. We have prepared a place where you can see a variety of future-oriented cultural and art content. At a time when it is difficult to watch films due to COVID-19, it will provide a fresh and fun experience to everyone.

You can catch the collaborative exhibition for free from July 6 to July 17 at the Beyond Reality venue.

Beyond Reality - ③ BIFAN x Unity Short Film Challenge

Source: https://beyondreality.bifan.kr/featured/bifan-unity

Last but not least, it is worth looking forward to the BIFAN x Unity Short Film Challenge hosted in collaboration with Unity Korea, a 3D content development platform, to nurture new artists.

See more - Source: https://beyondreality.bifan.kr/featured/bifan-unity

Ten artworks awarded in last year’s contest will be exhibited for the audience in the XR category of Beyond Reality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience an international film festival at the airport! Incheon Airport will continue to make efforts to allow many passengers to have a good time in this platform of new experience and opportunity!

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