“Virtual Pandemic Travels” Travel Abroad from Home via Incheon Airport’s App

Summer vacation is coming! But traveling abroad is still difficult in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us even miss the tedious time standing in line with a passport in hand waiting to check in at the airport. Want to feel that excitement at the airport again albeit from home? Then search for Incheon Airport’s app “인천공항 방구석 해외여행on your smartphone!

Incheon Airport released an app that allows users to experience virtual travels during the pandemic! Users can learn various facts about international travels, Incheon Airport’s smart check-in procedures, and a lot more through this app.

Incheon Airport released this app to introduce its various smart facilities and infrastructure that offer contactless services to fight the spread of COVID-19.

This app is available for all smartphone users and can be downloaded for free. Simply search for “인천공항 방구석 해외여행” via Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS. Now, are you ready to enjoy smart traveling with Incheon Airport safely from home?

Play games to learn about the airport!

You’ll first be greeted by a pixelated screen. Before you start the game, you first have to select the character by age and situation. The recommended airport services shall change depending on the age and situation of the character. Select the character that best matches you to get the best tips that you need for traveling abroad.

The most remarkable feature of this game is how realistic it is. From packing your luggage to scanning your passport and using the Smart Entry Service, you can actually experience everything that you could expect in real life trip to the airport. For instance, you have to answer which page of your passport you should open when scanning your passport, what items are prohibited from checking in, and what are the precautions when using the smart check-in service.

You lose points if you choose the wrong answer, so you should be careful when selecting your answer. It is that much helpful for flexing your “brain muscles”. As you continue with the game, you will eventually be able to answer all questions related to Incheon Airport, just like AIRSTAR. You might even become the master of traveling once the pandemic is over and we get to travel once again.

Complete the game and win prizes

Once you successfully complete the smart check-in mission from the game, you can move on to virtual overseas traveling contents. You can even take part in a travel raffle with the points that you earned for completing the mission. The raffle event will take place until the end of July, so those who are interested in this game, hurry up!

Incheon Airport will continue to introduce more contents in line with real-life airport services, just like this game. Stay tuned for the future of Incheon Airport expanding its boundaries past the sky and to the virtual world!

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