Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center Coming Soon in Terminal 1

Back in December last year, Incheon Airport opened its COVID-19 Testing Center in Terminal 2 for the first time among all domestic airports in Korea. While it has been just six months since its opening, approximately 25,000 passengers have gotten tested at the COVID-19 Testing Center.

COVID-19 Testing Center, currently in Terminal 2, will be open in Terminal 1 in August! Now passengers can get tested at both terminals!

Today, we will look at Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center that will soon open its doors in Terminal 1. If you want to learn more about the testing center in Terminal 2, check out our previous post! You can also learn how to visit and use the testing center in more detail. J

Daily testing capacity of up to 4,000 people at two locations

As COVID-19 vaccination gathers momentum, the number of passengers on international flights is expected to increase. To prepare for this increase, Incheon Airport is building another testing center in Terminal 1 to be able to test up to 4,000 people a day. Antibody, antigen, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests will all be available just like the one in Terminal 2.

In line with the forecast of gradually growing demand in overseas travel, at least 20% more COVID-19 tests in Incheon Airport will be obtained to prepare for international flight passengers. As such, Incheon Airport is working hard to ensure passengers can use the airport safely and easily in preparation for a post-COVID world.

COVID-19 Testing Center in Terminal 1 will be open in August and it will be located in an outdoor area on the first floor near Transportation Center. While Terminal 2 has 1 Testing Center, Terminal 1 will have a total of 2 testing centers, each on the east and west wings.

EONE Laboratories will be in charge of the east center, while Myongji Hospital be in charge of the west center. While they are run by different hospitals, the two testing centers will have the same type of test, operation time, method, and price for the convenience of passengers.

Test fees vary depending on the type of test (PCR/antibody), time (weekday/weekend), and nationality (Korean/international).

Koreans (covered by insurance) will have test fees ranging from KRW 66,000 to 130,000, while internationals from KRW 84,000 to 180,000. Note that test fees include medical consultation fees and fees for a certificate of negative test results. Visit the website for more information about fees.

One-stop mobile service from reservation to certificate of test results

Previously, if you wanted to use COVID-19 Testing Center in Terminal 2, you had to make a reservation via website or phone. Though this method has perks of its own, but coinciding the opening of COVID-19 Testing Center in Terminal 1 in August, Incheon Airport will introduce a new mobile service, which will further improve convenience for passengers!

It is a tailored mobile app service called Incheon Airport Safe2Go. It is an app developed by Incheon International Airport Corporation in partnership with KT and hospitals running the testing centers, and will be prepared by the end of August and launched in September. This app allows you to book, check in, and pay all at once and also receive a certificate of negative test results. A digital certificate of negative test results will be initially issued via the mobile app and sent as an electronic file (PDF) via email. Incheon Airport is now preparing to issue it as a DID-based pass in the future.

It usually takes 4 hours to receive test results on a weekday, and you can receive your certificate on your mobile phone. Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to do everything from booking to certificate with just an app? 

Today’s post introduced the expansion of Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center. Note that the center in Terminal 1 will open its doors starting in August. Until we completely overcome the COVID-19 crisis, Incheon Airport will prioritize passengers’ safety and convenience and do its best in various ways!

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