The Best Korean Cuisines in Incheon Airport

Have you just arrived at Incheon Airport and are starving after your long flight? Don’t head straight to the convenience store for a quick fill! There are many great restaurants that offer delicious Korean cuisines in Incheon Airport!

You don’t have to wait till you get to downtown to enjoy tasty famous Korean dishes! You can start your Korean food journey at the airport. Here’s a small caveat—it’s not a matter of finding a good Korean restaurant inside the airport, but a matter of choosing what to eat from a wide variety of dishes!

Let’s fight the summer heat with naengmyeon at Cheiljemyunso!

When it’s scorching hot like these days, Koreans eat naengmyeon to beat the heat. Naengmyeon is one of Korea’s unique cold noodle dishes. It is a bowl of buckwheat noodles in cold broth along with spices and garnishes. It may look somewhat unfamiliar but once you taste it, you’ll soon be addicted to its sweet-and-sour yet savory flavor.

Visit Cheiljemyunso at Incheon Airport if you want a bowl of refreshing naengmyeon. Cheiljemyunso offers noodle dishes prepared in traditional ways. Here you can taste not only naengmyeon but also other various Korean noodle dishes such as guksu and udong.

We recommend Cheiljemyunso’s signature dish, cheil-mulnaengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles)! And for all you spice lovers, how about a bowl of myeongtaehoe-bibimnaengmyeon (spicy buckwheat noodles topped with raw pollack)? Get a refreshing start to your trip to Korea with a bowl of naengmyeon, and you’ll feel that you won’t be needing any air conditioning!

– Hours: 9 AM–9 PM

– Location: B1F, Center of Terminal 1

A must-eat street food at School Food!

Korea has a variety of street foods called “bunsik.” Bunsik comprises mainly of flour-based Korean dishes, and tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) is one of the most famous and popular Korean bunsik dishes! Some say it’s not a trip unless you have some bunsik.

Although considered street food, you can still find bunsik at Incheon Airport’s School Food! School Food offers premium Korean bunsik from the world-famous tteokbokki to fishcake and gimbap, which is rolled rice stuffed with vegetables and eggs and covered with gim (seaweed).

We recommend School Food’s signature mozzarella and spam egg roll, which covers gimbap with spam, mozzarella and egg roll, as well as their tteokbokki in extra sauce, which can be dipped with any other bunsik! Visit School Food at Incheon Airport if you’re rushing to get a taste of Korean street food before you even leave the airport!

– Hours: 8:30 AM–5 PM

– Location: 4F, Public Area East in Terminal 1

Eat Korea’s most well-known dish bibimbap here at Gajokhoegwan!

Many travelers visit Korea from far away to try traditional Korean food. For such foodies, make sure not to miss out on a bowl of bibimbap! Bibimbap is a dish that represents Korea, and in Korean it means mixed (bibim) rice (bap). You eat bibimbap by mixing various vegetables and pepper paste on top of warm rice. It is considered a healthy dish that is highly nutritious as it includes many different vegetables.

Hungry for some bibimbap? Go check out Gajokhoegwan! This three-generation-long restaurant in Incheon Airport offers various traditional Korean dishes, such as Jeonju-style bibimbap, kongnamul gukbap (soybean sprout and rice soup), and bulgogi baekban (Korean set menu with bulgogi). Among these dishes, we recommend Gajokhoegwan’s signature Jeonju-style bibimbap. It epitomizes Korean food not only in taste, but also visually as each ingredient comes to life in its own color.

Recently, bibimbap has gained popularity as airplane food. If you tried it on your flight and want seconds, head straight to Gajokhoegwan!

– Hours: 7 AM–8 PM

– Location: B1F, Center of Transportation Center in Terminal 2

A bowl of warm and filling soup at Yeongdong Seolleongtang!

Many beloved Korean meals come in hot soup. One of the most well-known Korean hot soup dishes is seolleongtang (ox bone soup). Seolleongtang is made from ox bones, brisket and other cuts, and is served with a side of rice—some eat the rice separately, while some enjoy it in the soup. Its white and deep broth and savory taste are quite addictive.

You can enjoy seolleongtang of 40-year-old recipe here at Incheon Airport’s Yeongdong Seolleongtang. Yeongdong Seolleongtang opened in 1976, and is originally from Sinsa-dong. With long history and culinary heritage, their seolleongtang is never a miss!

Koreans often have seolleongtang when they’re fatigued or don’t have enough energy. If you want to blow away your fatigue after your long flight, how about a bowl of seolleongtang at Incheon Airport’s Yeongdong Seolleongtang?

– Hours: 10 AM–9 PM (Last order at 8:30 PM)

– Location: B1F, Center of Terminal 1

This post introduced some of the most well-known Korean restaurants in Incheon Airport. In addition to these restaurants, there are many other restaurants in Incheon Airport where you can enjoy various dishes. If you want to know more about restaurants in Incheon Airport, click here!

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