Incheon Airport’s Cultural Lounge, Where Waiting Is Fun

Incheon Airport now offers a space for new up-and-coming artists called Cultural Lounge aimed to provide full and much-needed support for the arts.

Cultural Lounge serves as exhibition space for public art projects hosted by Incheon Airport and the GyeongGi Cultural Foundation (GGCF) to spread the arts and culture while improving passengers’ quality of travel. You can visit the Cultural Lounge in Duty-Free Zone of Terminal 1, which features various artworks and special exhibitions that capture various emotions felt in the airport!

The GGCF installed Graffiti Art Wall in Incheon Airport last year for passing travelers to appreciate art at a glance. The GGCF is providing yet another opportunity for travelers to appreciate art in the airport—leisurely this time! Then, let’s take a look at some of the artworks featured in the lounge!

Cultural Lounge 1) Geometric Art Bench by JunkHouse

One of the exhibited artworks is an installation art piece Geometric Art Bench by JunkHouse. This artwork is designed to provide joy to many passengers as “artwork for rest.” It is installed in Duty-Free Zone where you can appreciate the artwork while taking a break from shopping before you catch your flight.

JunkHouse, one of the leading public art artists in Korea, has created various art installations with bright and pleasant colors. JunkHouse produces artworks which can be directly felt and experienced by the viewer. The artist explained about this artwork, “I made this artwork in the hopes that it can help passengers to make memories so that they can get new inspirations and energy in an airport where waiting is common.” Now, let’s take a closer look at Geometric Art Bench!

Alain de Botton described in his book Art of Travel that “the airport is a starting point towards something new, rather than just a place connecting one and the other.” Likewise, “airport” and “airplane” become important spaces that turn imagination into reality within our limited everyday space. As COVID-19 drags on, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine like this.

Geometric Art Bench is a structure designed to allow you to imagine again in the airport, observing the lines and shapes of various buildings and objects in a city and geometrically representing how a city evolves. Even in seemingly simple geometric shapes, you can see traces of modernity and urbanism.

Cultural Lounge 2) Place of Brief Rest by new artists

Place of Brief Rest, which is exhibited alongside Geometric Art Bench, consists of artworks chosen from the new artist support project COVID-19 Art Vaccine – Emergency Project to Purchase and Use Full-time Artists in Gyeonggi Province, which was conducted to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. There are 20 art pieces exhibited here out of 203 paintings, sculptures, installations and media artworks capturing life before COVID-19.

Incheon Airport and the GGCF planned Place of Brief Rest to provide viewers with a “break” for those who have had to put up with difficulties in their daily life. It offers an opportunity to think about the importance of art that we take for granted in a brief moment. Here, viewers can reflect through the 20 exhibited artworks.

If you happen to visit Incheon Airport, it would be a good idea to spend some time here appreciating the artworks. What about taking a break at the Geometric Art Bench and enjoying the two exhibitions?

Today’s post introduced two exhibitions you can see in Incheon Airport’s brand-new Cultural Lounge. Although COVID-19 has changed the way we look at airports, this exhibition will help you to realize the importance of normal life and imagination. We hope this exhibition helps passengers visiting the airport make good memories on their trip.

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