Discover Authentic Korean Artifacts At Incheon Airport Museum!

While Incheon Airport has everything from cultural events and art exhibitions to movie theaters, it has not had a museum—until now! Incheon Airport Museum opened back in June, and visitors can see authentic artifacts from the National Museum of Korea in Concourse of Terminal 1. 😊

Incheon Airport Museum was established through a collaboration between Incheon Airport and the National Museum of Korea. With exhibitions of authentic artifacts from the National Museum of Korea now available in the gateway to Korea, Incheon Airport Museum is now planning to promote the excellence of Korean culture across the world.

Incheon Airport Museum is commemorating its opening with an exhibition under the topic of Containing Beauty: Deep Enjoyment, Brilliant Light, which will be held until June 26 next year. It features 32 artifacts from the National Museum of Korea and 15 pieces of national intangible cultural heritage including a traditional box and gold wrapping cloth. Now, let’s find out more about Incheon Airport Museum where you can truly appreciate Korean culture!

Incheon Airport Museum encompassing Korean style

The first thing you will see when visiting the museum is its graceful exterior. Inspired by the design of traditional Joseon-era gyeongsang desk with a scroll rolled at its both ends, you can see that its exterior has been reinterpreted delicately to represent Korean style as a place that captures traditional culture.

The museum is divided into Exhibition Lounge, which exhibits national intangible cultural heritage and Korea-related artworks, and Exhibition Hall, which displays authentic artifacts from the National Museum of Korea. While walking between these two areas, you can appreciate the past and present of Korean culture all at once.

Enjoy Korean culture all at once!

Exhibition Hall is designed after a box containing eobo, a seal representing the authority of the royal family from Joseon period and made of brass plate inspired by the texture of traditional Korean bangjjayugi (hand-forged bronzeware). Once in the hall, you will feel as if you are in a box containing valuable things. Now, what kind of valuable things await us?

In Exhibition Hall, you can see artifacts capturing thousands of years of history in the Korean Peninsula. You can see 32 artifacts including gorgeous Silla-era gold earrings, a fancy Goryeo-era chrysanthemum and cloud pattern vase, and a Joseon-era peony pattern kettle.

With artifacts not limited to any certain period, but across diverse periods in Korean history, you can not only have fun seeing the artifacts but also enjoy some educational time.

Exhibition Lounge also features 15 pieces of intangible cultural heritage, including jewelry box and peony pattern table. You can see how traditions in Korean culture have been passed down from past to present with the exhibited intangible cultural heritage in Exhibition Lounge.

Incheon Airport Museum location and hours

Incheon Airport Museum is located near Gate 122 in Concourse on the third floor of Terminal 1. If your plane departs from Concourse, it would be a good idea to go and check out the museum for even just a few minutes!

To exhibit authentic artifacts in the museum, Incheon Airport has made efforts to install systems and storage facilities equivalent to the National Museum of Korea, including constant temperature and humidity, security, and fire protection systems. From now on, we will continue to show regular and special exhibitions together with the National Museum of Korea. If you want to enjoy traditional Korean culture while you travel, come and visit Incheon Airport Museum!

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