Participate in Incheon Airport’s Public Relations Effectiveness Survey!

Incheon Airport has performed many public relations activities to actively communicate with domestic and international passengers as well as introduce Incheon Airport’s brand to the world. We prepared a public relations effectiveness survey to hear directly from passengers about how they feel about our services and how we can communicate better with passengers.

Anyone interested in Incheon Airport can take part in the survey. The survey is both multiple choice and short answer, and it will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The survey covers three topics as follows!

1. Usage/Preference

Please give an answer regarding the following: Have you visited Incheon Airport? What was the reason for your visit? Where did you find information about the airport before your visit? What medium do you normally come into contact with? What are some mediums you enjoy?

2. General Awareness of Incheon Airport’s Brand

Indicate your awareness regarding the Incheon Airport brand: How much do you know about Incheon Airport? What image do you have of Incheon Airport? How credible is Incheon Airport?

3. Awareness of Incheon Airport’s Public Relations Activities

Tell us how much you know about Incheon Airport’s public relations activities on social media: Are you aware of Incheon Airport’s social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and blog? Which channel do you prefer? How often do you visit?

What do you think? Not difficult at all, right?

100 participants will be selected at random
as winners of our gift card sweepstakes! 

▼ Take the survey ▼

From Aug. 24 to Sep. 9, 2021

Click the link below to take the survey!


Amazon gift card ($10) to 100 winners

* Increase your chance to win with short answer responses!

Announced on Sep. 17, 2021

(Winners will be contacted individually via their contact information provided in the survey)

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