Vegan Dishes for Vegetarians at Incheon Airport

Recently, there has been growing interest in vegetarianism not only in Korea but throughout the world. However, it is difficult to enjoy an appropriate meal out in countries where vegetable-based dishes are less common.

This post will introduce three vegan dishes at Incheon Airport that veggie-craving passengers can easily find and enjoy at the airport.

UNLIMEAT Forest Gimbab – A healthy meal with plant-based meat at Robot Gimbab!

The first vegan dish we’d like to introduce is UNLIMEAT Forest Gimbab at Robot Gimbab. Gimbab (also spelled gimbap) is a roll of fish cake, burdock, picked radish and other ingredients wrapped in rice and laver. It is a simple to-go meal and is filling despite its lightness. It is commonly enjoyed as a snack or lunch menu in Korea.

Robot Gimbab packs their fiber-rich rolls with brown rice and vegetables without using any processed food like ham and crab sticks. We recommend the UNLIMEAT Forest Gimbab as a vegan dish because of their use of plant-based meat, bell pepper, red cabbage, and salad greens wrapped in brown rice, making a perfect vegan dish.

There are other vegan menus at Robot Gimbab like the tasty fried tofu and grated carrot variety topped with mustard sauce. Enjoy a simple yet filling meal at Robot Gimbab!

– Hours: 7 AM–4 PM

– Location: Near gate 15 in Duty-Free Area (3F), Terminal 1

Craving filling vegan Korean food? Visit Sodam Bansang for some vegetable bibimbap!

The second vegan dish we’d like to recommend is Sodam Bansang’s ‘vegetable bibimbap.’ Sodam Bansang is a Korean food specialty restaurant that mainly serves soup and bibimbap. Sodam Bansang has a vegan section on its menu, featuring its popular vegetable bibimbap.

Bibimbap, which became well known as Michael Jackson’s favorite Korean dish, is a popular dish that is even offered by many other international airlines. Bibimbap is usually enjoyed by mixing various vegetables, meat, eggs, and other ingredients together with gochujang (Korean chili paste). It is commonly known as a healthy dish as it includes many nutrients.

However, the vegetable bibimbap at Sodam Bansang does not include meat, which makes it the perfect vegan dish with rice, soybean sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, laver and fried eggs mixed in gochujang. If you’re looking to enjoy a Korean vegan meal at Incheon Airport, how about trying the healthy and tasty vegetable bibimbap?

– Hours: 9 AM–8 PM

– Location: In SKY31 Food Avenue at the center of Public Area (1F), Terminal 1

Vegetable green curry packed with veggies at Omuto Tomato Dining!

The last vegan dish we’d like to recommend is Omuto Tomato Dining’s vegetable green curry. Omuto Tomato Dining is a casual restaurant with dishes from omurice (omelette rice) to curry, soup, and more.

Among the dishes, two types of premium Japanese-style currygreen and red—are featured in the menu, in addition to chicken, seafood, beef steak and vegetable curry.

Living up to its name, Omuto Tomato Dining’s vegetable green curry is cooked only with vegetables with a hint of green in its color. It is topped with various vegetables like mushrooms, paprika, bell peppers, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, eggs and potatoes, adding rich flavors and taste to the dish.

Customers can choose their desired level of spiciness (levels 1-5), so those who can’t eat spicy food can choose to enjoy a less spicy dish of curry. How would you like to enjoy a curry meal at the airport that offers different levels of spiciness along with healthy vegetables? J

– Hours: 8 AM–7:30 PM

– Location: West Wing (4F), Terminal 1

We selected and introduced three vegan dishes that can be enjoyed at Incheon Airport. We hope that you can continue to stay healthy at Incheon Airport, and have a delicious and delightful time.

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