Incheon Airport’s History with Poster Ads

Advertisements contain various messages and stories, such as a company or brand’s vision, their achievements and performance, and social issues they want to tackle. This post will look back on Incheon Airport’s printed poster ads for the last seven years from 2015 to 2021. The posters will clue you in on what issues were most important for each year. Now then, let’s start from 2015!

2016: Incheon Airport ranks 1st in the world

Incheon Airport ranked 1st in Airport Service Quality (ASQ) in 2016 for 11 years in a row! In fact, if you include 2017, that makes it 12 years in a row! 😊 The poster ads for 2016 focus on promoting this amazing achievement. Isn’t it amazing to rank 1st consecutively, and not just once? You can see the pride of Incheon Airport from the advertisement’s message: “Made in Korea, Recognized All Over The World

2017–2018: Incheon Airport shows emotions beyond airport functions

In the midst of the ever-growing demand for international air travel, Incheon Airport prepared to serve even more passengers. Incheon Airport mulled over the question of “How can an airport serve its passengers beyond its function as a facility? How can we convey and impart emotions that can be only enjoyed at Incheon Airport?” This concern is well reflected in its 2017 poster “Expect Exceptional.”

As part of its efforts, Incheon Airport appointed celebrity Song Joong-ki, whose popularity is attributed to the Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, as its honorary ambassador in 2017, and carried out various activities to promote the airport on the global stage. This is why Song was featured in the poster ad announcing the grand opening of Incheon Airport Terminal 2. Incheon Airport was ready to significantly increase passenger capacity, and become a global airport by completing the construction of Terminal 2. It was a year when Incheon Airport maximized its potential.

2019: Incheon Airport's leap forward… getting way ahead

Incheon Airport, which now has Terminal 2 along with Terminal 1 and Concourse, took its great leap forward to become a global economic hub. The 2019 poster shows its strong commitment to getting way ahead of competitors.

In fact, this was a year when Incheon Airport continued to grow as a hub airport in Northeast Asia with 68 million passengers and 2.9 million tons of cargo. With various amenities including shopping facilities and transfer lounges as well as amazing cultural and artistic programs, Incheon Airport differentiated itself from other airports, garnering attention from the world.

2020: Incheon Airport reinventing itself as a COVID-19 free airport

I think 2020 was an unforgettable and shocking year for any airport in the world. It was a year when the unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire aviation industry to a halt. Despite this crisis, Incheon Airport proved itself as a COVID-19 free airport to the world with its strict protocol.

Since the early days of COVID-19, Incheon Airport built a solid system of disease control and prevention by thoroughly disinfecting terminals, establishing a step-by-step immigration process, and introducing smart robots for contactless temperature checks.

This remarkable disease control system allowed Incheon Airport to obtain Airport Health Accreditation by Airports Council International (ACI) for the first time as any airport in Asia and the Pacific. Incheon Airport’s efforts are going on since COVID-19 is not over yet.

2021: Incheon Airport’s 20th anniversary

Incheon Airport celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021. The 2021 poster features the commitment of 20-year-old Incheon Airport, which looks back on the past 20 years and is ready to fly for the next 20 years. Let’s take a look at what the future holds for Incheon Airport.

  • Best customer experience airport which maintains the world’s top spot in airport service and certification by Airports Council International (ACI)
  • Global mega hub airport with the world’s leading passengers, freight, and flight volumes
  • Culture and art airport covering a convergence cultural belt and offering a variety of artworks
  • Asia’s first energy self-sufficient based on renewable energy in the airport area

Let’s all anticipate Incheon Airport’s ambitious blueprint to come to fruition in the next 20 years! If the past is any indication, the future seems like smooth sailing!

We have looked at various stories from Incheon Airport’s poster ads. Seeing how Incheon Airport has been writing new chapters in airport history every year, Incheon Airport will continue to serve as the beacon of Yeongjongdo until COVID-19 is over and is bustling with people again.

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