“My Movements Become Art?” Interactive Media Art at Incheon Airport

Artistic and cultural content has become diversified thanks to recent technologies ranging from AR to VR. Incheon Airport is also now showcasing such new media content keeping up with the recent trends at its Interactive Media Art Exhibition.

As you can guess from the word “interactive,” and unlike conventional media art, visitors can interact with the exhibited artworks with their movement in real time. Incheon Airport features two enormous installations—the monolithlic media tower (center of Terminal 1) and the large-size digital signage (third floor of Terminal 1)—that showcase four types of content. Now, let’s take a look at them!

Interactive Media Art #1: Media Tower

First, let’s take a look at the media tower located on the center of Terminal 1. Curious how the works displayed on the media tower can interact with viewers? There is a sensing frame placed on the center of the third floor, and you can interact with what is displayed on the screen by putting your hands into the sensing frame that detects your movements in real time. At the media tower, you can enjoy two works: The Nature and Pop Art.

1.The Nature

The Nature features nature-themed content that displays trees and flowers for an hour at 9 AM, 12 PM and 6 PM every day. The media tower screen is as tall as 23 meters and as wide as 17 meters, so you can be immersed and even almost feel nature’s vivid sceneries.

2. Pop Art

There is also Pop Art which features multicolored pop art content. Similarly, this moving art piece is just as immersive thanks to the cutting-edge ICT technology. What’s more is that this is the first of its kind in Korea!

Interactive Media Art #2: Digital Signage

Moving on from the media tower, there is a large-size digital signage at the departure hall—specificially near departure gates 3 and 4—on the third floor of Terminal 1 that also features media art. It uses AR technology for viewers to interact with the media art on the screen. Visualizing yourself in an artwork interacting with the visual elements really takes the cake.


K-Art near departure gate 3 runs for 30 minutes, every hour on the hour. It features AR content that reinterprets traditional Korean folk paintings—you can see unique scenes of Korean folk paintings with distinct visual elements, such as colors, flowers and trees.

2. Into the Frame

Also nearby is Into the Frame. As hinted by the title , you can enter “into the frame” and enjoy AR content in a large frame. This unique experience turns Incheon Airport’s Terminal 1 into an art gallery where you stand in as the subject of a masterpiece!

In this post, we looked at some artworks from Incheon Airport’s new Interactive Media Art Exhibition and saw how you can be a museumgoer at the airport! While many might just take pictures of artworks, here you can interact with them in real time! Now your time waiting at the airport won’t be boring after all! Next time you visit Incheon Airport, make sure to check out the exhibited interactive media art!

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