Incheon Airport Podcast: Traveling Again With Incheon Airport ON-AIR

As the COVID-19 pandemic is prolonged, words like “travel,” “airport” and “ticketing” have become rare to the point of being even awkward. Oh, how we miss old memories and excitement of traveling in the past. So, Incheon Airport has prepared “Traveling Again With Incheon Airport ON-AIR” to cover special travel content so that we can satiate our desire to travel albeit vicariously through a podcast! Let’s look at some of the episodes to see what kind of content the podcast explores!

Traveling Again With Incheon Airport ON-AIR

“Traveling Again With Incheon Airport ON-AIR” is a podcast program aimed to alleviate people’s desire and urge to travel at a time when overseas travel is difficult. It features a host and guests who share stories of their fond travel memories, and listeners can tune in on NAVER Audio Clip, Apple Podcasts, Podbbang and Podty as well as watch video clips uploaded on IncheonAirport’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The program features 8 episodes in total, including the prologue. Newscaster Soyeong Kim fronts the show, and avid travelers and authors Kyoungsun Lim and Mincheol Kim participate as guests to present various nostalgic content in episodic detail incorporating local ASMR sounds. The podcast comprises colorful travel episodes of seven cities in total starting from Portland to Chiang Mai, Panzano, São Paulo, Marvão, Hong Kong and Dublin. Now, let’s look at what interesting stories there are in each episode!

Episode 1: Prologue

In the prologue, host Soyeong Kim talks with the two guest authors to comment on their thoughts about traveling. When we travel, we become bold without noticing and become easily moved by each and every scenery and daily life, such as food and nature. We can take a look at those positive changes that travel brings to our life.

The prologue is a great start to the entire podcast, as the two guests also talk about their last travel destinations before the outbreak of COVID-19, and read letters sent in by listeners about their happiest travel moments.

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Episode 2: Coffee Trip to Portland, Oregon

The first destination of the podcast is Portland, Oregon, which the author Mincheol Kim presents. Portland is near Seattle and San Francisco where the first stores of Starbucks and Blue Bottle are located, respectively. But what sets Portland apart is its local brand coffee. Listening to the podcast, you can almost feel the city’s atmsophere as if you are sipping a cup of coffee there. You can also listen to Mincheol Kim’s realistic story of hiking Mount Hood.

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Episode 3: Slow Travel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The third episode of the podcast explores the joy of leisure in new places, featuring stories of relaxation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Mai is known as the best vacation spot to visit with children. Listen to the interesting stories told by author Kyoungsun Lim, revealing her parenting knowhow and the beauty of slow travel!

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Episode 4: Food Trip to Panzano, Italy

The local food you enjoy abroad makes your trip all the more joyful. This time, the podcast leaves for Panzano, Italy, a must-visit destination for meat lovers as you can enjoy a feast of a 4-hour meat course. Let’s take this time to reminisce old memories of delicious meals you’ve had with your loved ones that made you happy.

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Episode 5: Bucket List Trip to São Paulo, Brazil

When you say São Paulo, people often think of the thick Amazon rainforest, but did you know that it is the largest city in South America famous for its architecture and music? You can listen to real-life stories from Kyoungsun Lim, who lived there for three years, and her bucket list places to visit. Many people often pick faraway and exotic places as destinations on their bucket list. Then, let’s take this time to create your own bucket list of places you wish to visit while listening to what destinations are on Soyeong Kim’s and Kyoungsun Lim’s bucket list!

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Episode 6: Town Trip to Marvão, Portugal

Just like Incheon Airport’s Observatory Deck and Korean Cultural Street, there are tons of attractive places that you only want to keep to yourself, but have you wondered how many attractive towns there are in the world? This time, let’s explore Marvão, Portugal to enjoy a special trip within a trip with author Mincheol Kim, who likes to travel to obscure towns, and hear the fascinating stories of a small town visit. This episode will be all the more relatable if you, too, have discovered the charms of a small obscure town that only you know of!

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Episode 7: Shopping Trip to Hong Kong

A must-do before any departure is duty-free shopping! Many travelers make sure to leave enough room in their luggage to fill with duty-free items, taking air travel as an opportunity to catch up on some shopping. What better place to shop than Hong Kong, a duty-free paradise! There are not only luxury goods, but also night markets filled with things to see! Listen to author Kyoungsun Lim share her stories of shopping in Hong Kong, and take this time to reflect on your shopping style and taste!

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Episode 8: Beer Trip to Dublin, Ireland

The final destination to wrap up the podcast is Dublin, Ireland, a mecca for beer lovers! From pubs with cheery and lively local atmosphere to the famous Guinness Storehouse, perhaps you may want to listen to this episode with a glass of beer and imagine yourself drinking in Dublin!

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Today’s post introduced Incheon Airport’s podcast program “Traveling Again With Incheon Airport ON-AIR” featuring Soyeong Kim as host with Mincheol Kim and Kyoungsun Lim as guests. International travel has become something we miss more than anything these days due to COVID-19, but we hope you can find solace and rediscover the joy of traveling listening to the podcast!

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