Online Incheon Airport Employment Center

Calling all job seekers who are interested in working in the airline industry! Incheon Airport has recently partnered with Korea’s largest employment portal Saramin to renew and open its online employment center.

Let’s take a look at the online Incheon Airport Employment Center which shows company profiles and job listings of more than 900 ads by partner enterprises in Incheon Airport! 😊

About Incheon Airport Employment Center

Incheon Airport Employment Center is a major program of the Incheon Airport Employment Platform Project, which is one of Incheon International Airport Corporation’s (IIAC) comprehensive plans for the realization of social values. In September 2018, the IIAC successfully constructed an employment platform for the first time as a public enterprise through private-public partnership between government agencies and partner enterprises, and is actively promoting related projects.

The main projects of the online employment platform are Incheon Airport Employment Center, Employment Support Center, and Aviation Job Fair, which aim for the revitalization of employment at airport regions and the creation of high-quality jobs through matches between employers and job seekers.

Special advantages of Incheon Airport Employment Center

Since its opening in 2018, Incheon Airport Employment Center has settled in as an exclusive platform that matches partner enterprises of Incheon Airport with job seekers!

Last year, more than 600 enterprises participated in the project for a term of one year with visits by 650,000 job seekers and 180,000 applications. For those who want to learn more about the project, we’d like to introduce four special advantages of Incheon Airport Employment Center!

1. One-click glance from job details to applications!

Incheon Airport Employment Center is a place where visitors can get a glance into various job information and content related to the airline industry. All partner enterprises of Incheon Airport and job seekers can use the center’s services for free. The center offers a one-stop look into recently updated job details in the areas of airlines, duty free shops, distribution, ground handling, hotels, maintenance, and food and beverages in addition to company profiles regarding their welfare benefits and corporate culture! Visitors can use the one-click application to apply to enterprises of their choice.

2. Interviews of currently employed workers, employment programs, and one-on-one mentoring!

A great variety of contents can be a strong point! Through the employment center, visitors can watch interviews of currently employed workers at the airport and apply for employment programs and one-on-one mentoring that are offered to job seekers preparing for employment in the airline sector. A mentoring group comprised of former and current airline experts lead the mentoring program to help participants in the areas of job counseling, job information, cover letters, and interviews. This program seems helpful, doesn’t it?

3. Reduced costs for job ads and publicity for enterprises!

Incheon Airport Employment Center is also the ideal place for enterprises who are looking to hire. Enterprises can upload job announcements and advertisements at no cost. Enterprises can also use the comprehensive AI-based employment solution and the talent pool service offered by to enterprises by Saramin, in addition to gaining publicity and cutting back on costs needed to hire employees.

4. Support project service for partner enterprises!

Efforts are also being made to create an environment where job creations can easily be made, such as the addition of a service through which partner enterprises experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19 can check up on news about support projects.

What did you think about Incheon Airport Employment Center that is a treasury of necessary information for all who are interested in the airline industry? The airline industry is experiencing difficulties due to the pandemic, but don’t worry—Incheon Airport continues to operate various support projects to revitalize employment opportunities!

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    I would like apply for an airport jobs there in Incheon Airport. I have an experience in Load Control for Philippine Airlines and I also was a Cargo Handling Agent at Emirate Airlines in Dubai. Hoping for your feedback.

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