Incheon airport’s first Step of takeoff to be ‘World’s Top 3 Airports’ accommodating 100 Million Passengers!

Did you hear about the announcement on Incheon airport’s fourth-stage construction project?

Today, let’s talk about groundbreaking ceremony of the construction project of Incheon airport.

As important as this ceremony takes place, a list of officials from the government and aviation department and press media including Kyung Wook Kim second deputy of Ministry of Land, Nam Chun Park Incheon mayor, and Bon Hwan Koo president of Incheon Airport Corporation.

Global dance group from the TV audition program < America’s Got Talent > ‘Just Jerk’ and K-pop girl group ‘Mo-Mo Land’s special performance took the stage. People were absolutely astonished especially from watching the breathtaking performance by ‘Just Jerk.’

There might be people wondering what the fourth-stage construction really means.

You might say it is new or difficult to understand when hearing the work ‘construction business’ or ‘groundbreaking ceremony.’

I would think of Incheon airport’s construction the same as expanding your house. The larger you get your house expanded by relocating extra spaces and extending them, the more guests you will be able to invite them over. We’re trying to use that same concept to have more visitors coming to the airport with our full wishes for more people to freely come and enjoy Incheon airport.

This groundbreaking ceremony is the start for this business an occasion where we pledge our dedication wishing for a safe and successful business while at the same time promoting our public brand image to the people. Big thanks to the people that came to celebrate the ceremony; we broke the ground with the first shovels full-heartedly.


One quick question! How many visitors do Incheon airport has every year?

Incheon airport reported 14.28 million visitors on the first year of opening and increased by 20 million within 10 years. Reports were showing a drastic increase as the visitors almost increased by 30 million last year.

So, getting into the airport’s fourth-stage construction with more for space holding bigger capacity considering these numbers is not a surprise anymore, right?

The fourth-stage construction details include:

 1> Extend Terminal  2> Build Runway 4  3> Expand traffic network

The scale is also magnificent;

 60,000 jobs and 13 trillion economic boosts were created during this fourth-stage construction which also played a role in vitalizing the country’s economy.

The most eye-catching keyword from today’s groundbreaking ceremony was ‘World’s Top 3 airports.’ 

But what does this exactly mean?

You’re able to see Incheon airport’s vision striving to be one of the world’s top 3 airports in international flight passenger capacity and airport capacity. And it’s amazing to see that dream-come-true, isn’t it?

Then, what would Incheon Airport look like after this fourth-stage construction is over? For this time, Incheon airports announced their 5 future goals they’re looking into for transformation.

 The first goal is to jump into be one of the world’s top 3 airports followed by Dubai and Istandbul for holding capacity of 1 hundred million visitors at average every year.


Second, to conduct an economic cycle around Incheon airport with different areas of industries like business/R&D, tourism/distribution, high-tech, and MRO(Maintenance, Repair, and Operating).

Third goal is to create a ‘smart operational system’ that grafts high-tech technology such as 5G, biometrics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and loT to guarantee the visitors’ convenience.

Fourth to build an eco-friendly ‘Green Art’ airport filled a park and garden where cultural performances and art work are held.


Last but not least, the fifth goal is to maintain the airport with flawless operation considering the construction and ground workers’ often in the blind spot.

When the fourth-stage construction finally comes to an end, Terminal 2 will come to look like two of the legendary bird, oriental phoenixes facing at each other. Just imagining terminal of two phoenixes soaring up to the sky to guard the East Asian sky gives me butterflies!


We would love your attention and support until the construction is completed in 2023!

Travel with your lovely dogs and cats?

Number of households living with companion animals are increasing day by day. And we guess many of you already live with dogs or cats and they mean so much to you. 

Today, let’s talk about the occasion you need to visit the airport with your companion animals. 

It would be very helpful that you are informed about the rules and manners before your visit. 

Most frequently asked question would be “Can I go to the airport with my dog?”

Sometimes you want to bring your companion animal to the airport to surprise your guest or sometimes you don’t have any helps to look after your companion animal while you need to go to the airport. Then you will get confused whether it is okay to bring your companion animal to the airport or not.


You can bring your companion animal with you if your companion animal on a leash!


However, even though your companion animal is on a leash, some other passengers could feel uncomfortable and some accident could be happened; therefore, particular attention of owner is required. Also you need bring a companion animal carrier(cage) for some occasions that you need put your companion animal on them. 



Don’t forget there are no toilet especially for companion animal in Incheon Airport and there is no restaurant that you can bring your companion animal along.

So please be prepared and check what you need to call Incheon Airport Customer Center 1577-2600 prior to bring your companion animal to the airport for any reasons.  



And One more! If you want to travel around the world with your companion animal or you are planning to go abroad for study and bring your companion animal along, please pay attention here.

Before leaving the country with a companion animal (dog, cat, etc.), please check with the destination country’s animal quarantine agency or its embassy in Korea as countries vary in required documents.


Location of animal/plant inspection certificate issuance are one in Terminal 1 (032-740-2660), and one in Terminal 2 (032-740-2028) in Incheon Airport. This information is for reference. So please check directly with the appropriate airline/agency/facility for details. 

Tight Security! Incheon airport’s Security Forces

The most important thing for an airport
with full of visitors from all over the world will be safety without a doubt!


I would like to introduce Incheon airport’s Terrorist Response Team. They always take our visitors’ safety their first priority when working.

This is Beom-joon Lee, the head of Terrorist Response Team at the Incheon airport Security Forces. Lee
is fully experienced agent with 23 years of experience, who
served 5 years in the explosive ordnance disposal unit at the 707th ROK task force battalion, and 18 years at Incheon Airport since it first opened.


Explosive ordnance disposal is a highly risked mission that requires great responsibility because it can cause hundreds of causalities. It is extremely dangerous and important that can kill lives of the agents as well.

“Incheon airport is another home to me and the Explosive Disposal Unit is another family,” said Lee showing special affection for his workplace and added that safety is no.1 at the airport. He said there are intense duty calls that bring tension with the visitors. For example, getting prank calls of terror threats or catching suspicious items from their baggage even makes Lee nervous despite his 23 years of experience.

Lee has also added that his team has been busy with getting more and more duty calls because a lot of visitors have been coming to the wrong terminal and leaving their baggage from rushing to catch their flights after Terminal 2 opened in 2018.


 “Incheon airport has been terror-free since we opened in 2001 until 29,000 of duty calls up to today and I believe that this was all possible because of the Security Forces great teamwork and comradeship” said Lee being more than certain.

His explosion-proof suit is a special outfit that weighs more than 30 kg, making it hard even for a physically-fit man to wear for an hour. In cases of emergency, he usually spends a lot of time on taking in nutritional supplements and work-out to keep healthy for his mission complete. Lee Bum-jung, the head of the terrorist response team, is guarding the airport today with passion and determination to always serve his best for our safety.

Please look forward to his work always striving for Incheon airport’s safety!


How about saying hello and thanking him if you ever bump into Lee at the airport?

‘Pyung Hwa Ok,’ Korean Taste you will meet at the Airport

What kind of dish comes up first when you think of Korean Food? There are many nice restaurants you can enjoy various kinds of Korean Food such as Bibimbop, Bulgogi, Kimchi Jjigae, and Doenjang Jjigae in Incheon Airport.

Today let’s talk about Pyeongyang Naengmyeon which is getting popular among Koreans and foreigners as well these days. In Incheon Airport, there is a restaurant called ‘Pyung Hwa Ok’ managed by Chef Jung-sik Yim who owns two Michelin-starred ‘Jungsik’ restaurants. Since this restaurant led the globalization of Korean eatery and always pursuing the authenticity of traditional Korean food, this restaurant has been getting a lot of likes from the visitors.

Signature dish for ‘Pyung Hwa Ok’ is their Pyeongyang Naengmyeon (15,000 won/L 20,000 won)

We recommend you to try a big sip of the meat broth the moment you get your bowl to fully enjoy the flavor! It’s their best-seller for its clean taste. The meat is thinly sliced for you to wrap it around your noodles that makes a perfect combination!

When you enter the Pyung Hwa Ok, the dove-shaped light symbolizing peace on the ceiling will seize your sight right away and their Korean traditional crockery for dishes. If you want light but well-prepared meal before your flight or if you’re meeting up a foreigner friend at the airport, what about taking them to ‘Pyung Hwa Ok’ for dinner?

Pyung Hwa Ok is located in the 4th floor central area of Terminal 2.

Start an enjoyable and safe trip with special and delightful Korean food at Incheon Airport!

Media Tower at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 boasts its Impressive Figures

Today, I would like to introduce Incheon Airport Terminal 1’s landmark, Media Tower’s magnificent presence that is impressive enough to catch your attention.

Anyone if you’re visiting Terminal 1 can never miss this palatial tower!

The Media Tower located in the central of Terminal 1 has finally opened to people after 6 months of hardware construction and 7 more of the visual work.

This Media Tower built inside Incheon Airport, is known to be the nation’s largest scale with its width and height of 10m X 23m, mega billboard with its width of 3.5m x 2, and the DID media wall inside the elevator.


The billboard captivates the visitors’ senses at one single breath with its vivid and three-dimensional effect.

Incheon Airport is trying our best efforts to offer a special and entertaining experience to our visitors with this Media Tower.

It also started to inform people with the local time of the major cities around the world and weather forecast in a dynamic visual film which gives the visitors a heads up on the city they are leaving to. And, of course, you are always welcome to enjoy our cultural and art performances in the Millennium concert hall right in front of the Media Tower 365 days a year. If you are ever visiting to Incheon Airport, stay tuned for the performance schedule as well! Please visit the website for the detailed schedule. (link:

We wish you an enjoyable trip starting from Incheon Airport by fully experiencing the Media Tower combined with high-tech IT technology with arts. It represents Incheon Airport as culture-airport and smart-airport at the same time.

Official Blog of Incheon Airport is now launched!

Welcome to the official Incheon airport blog!

We finally launched a blog to share stories of ours with you.

Many of you asked us about blog before such as 

“Does Incheon airport own a blog?” 

“what is the address of the blog?”

“Does Incheon airport plan to open a blog?”


Incheon airport has official SNS channels like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and be loved by over 900-thousand-fans. 

In fact, to deliver more detailed and vivid stories of us, we now opened an official blog.


We are just a beginner for blogging so please be supportive.

We will keep up and become a professional blog which world best airport deserves.

Please keep an eye on us with supportive mind.

Thank you.


And last but not least, we present you an opening event!

It is simple.

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