Share Your New Year Greetings! Incheon Airport Year-End Campaign

happy new year 2020

Hello, welcome to the Incheon Airport official blog.

This past year flew by and we’re already waiting for the new year, 2020 coming.

Holiday seasons always leave us bitter-sweet, but how are you doing?

At Incheon Airport, we get a lot of people rushing through their ways to an end-of-year trip with their beloved ones

So we prepared a special event ahead of this new year coming

This event is for people from Terminal 1 and 2 to share their new year greetings with each other.

The event was held from Sat, Dec 14th to Wed, Dec 18th

And for that five days, visitors shared their warm greetings before taking off for their trip

Hop along as I go over the special year-end event we had at Incheon Airport!

Incheon Airport Year-End Event

Incheon Airport Year-End Event1
Incheon Airport Year-End Event2


The phone rings from the phone booth randomly seated in the middle of the terminal

And two people from two different terminals are looking face-to-face.

He may be a stranger on the screen, but he wishes you a happy new year and to have a safe trip.

Incheon Airport Year-End Event3
Incheon Airport Year-End Event4

You might come from different cultures and speak different languages,
but you will see that smile on people’s faces after sharing a friendly greeting

Incheon Airport Year-End Event5
Incheon Airport Year-End Event6

And with hopes to make this season a joyful one for our visitors,
Incheon Airport has prepared special gifts in return.

Incheon Airport Year-End Event7
Incheon Airport Year-End Event8

Just like the people who came to the event, we wish you with all of our hearts could also share a thoughtful new year’s greeting and have a wonderful holiday.

Hanbok Experience 

Hanbok Experience

We also prepared a 2020 photo wall in the other corner for people to experience our elegant Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok, with their family and friends and leave another memorable moment in a piece of picture.

We offered a picture post-card on the spot for people to take along their trip.

Incheon Airport hopes this Hanbok experience can be left as the last piece of special and precious memory from Korea.

Flight Cancellations due to heavy snow? Not for Incheon Airport! It has been taking care of by snow removal training!

snow removal training

What comes in your mind when you look at the snow falling from the winter sky? Beloved family, friends, or maybe winter snacks ^^

However, for those of you planning to fly abroad for your holiday trips would not think the same. Perhaps there is a high possibility for your flight to be cancelled due to the bad weather.

But need not to worry! Because Incheon Airport has well-prepared for flight safety in snow storm and bad weather 😊

Here is the story of snow removal training done by Incheon Airport!

To tell you the truth, snowy weather is surely one of the biggest obstacles for flight management, especially for Incheon Airport where aircrafts depart and land in 250km/hr. When we have snow in the runway, we face difficulties in landing or if we have ice on the aircraft and it freezes the engines, it could even endanger our passengers’ safety.

So we always keep ourselves busy to remove snow on the runway and ice load on the aircraft for safe flight management. Thankfully, Incheon Airport is proud to announce that we have come to safely manage 160,000 hours of non-cancellation flights.

Quick side note! Then how do we take care of the snow piled up on the aircraft?

We first take the air injector to remove the snow piled up on the aircraft and then shoot out the left-over ice with the ice melt and prevent from getting it clogged again by spraying the de-icer. This method of work is called ‘de-icing’ which can simply be thought as removing the ice left on the aircraft surface and preventing it from getting iced up again.

We are fully and systematically equipped in all snowy conditions with around 200 workers responsible for the de-icing service, total of 74 machinery, 600,000 L of de-icer liquid, and 700t of de-icer for high-levels.

De-icing procedure

De-icing procedure is operated with several other related branches including Incheon Airport corp., Seoul Regional Aviation Admin., airlines, ground pilots, etc. As it is done by cooperation between other corporations, a flexible cooperative system is a key.

For this reason, Incheon Airport has started a ‘Snow Removal Training Sessions with Related Branches’ on November 15th for immediate response to airport management and safety issues. We had come together to build a cooperative system in between branches with readiness to extreme weather conditions like winter storm and snow.

Also, we will build an ICE HOUSE at Control Tower 2 to work with ground pilots for the service efficiency and workers’ safety. Now, I don’t think you would have to worry about your flight being cancelled due to heavy snow, wouldn’t you?
Incheon Airport will make our fullest efforts to ensure the safety of airport management and your safety during winter times with snow removal training session.

*One quick tip! Stay tuned for our official YouTube channel, ‘Incheon Airport TV’ to check out our snow removal training session! Thank you 😊

Incheon Airport official YouTube channel ->

Enjoy the Year-End Concerts at Incheon Airport Terminal 2 to finish off this last month of 2019!

Months flew by and we only have one month left on the calendar until 2019 is over. I bet all of you are hoping to finish off this year right like all of the other people visiting Incheon Airport with full of holiday plans 😊

For this month of the year, Incheon Airport has prepared an array of cultural & art concerts and events for our visitors and families! Our regular winter concerts had held for 3 days from December 13th to the 15th at the Great Hall on the 1st floor of Terminal 2.

인천공항 T2 포스터

K-POP concert that entertains your eyes and ears on the first day, Friday the 13th, classical and musical concerts that can give you a holiday atmosphere on Saturday the 14th, and a special concert which the whole family can enjoy together on the last day, Sunday the 15th.

Isn’t it exciting to know that there were concerts lined up to warm your heart at Incheon Airport full of joy and hope? Let’s look closer to the concerts!


Jaurim & Ben K-POP Concert FRI, 12.13 @4:00pm

자우림과 벤 콘서트
< Jaurim (L), Ben (R) >

On Day 1, Incheon Airport had Korea’s No. 1 band for its irreplaceable performances and unique sound, <Jaurim> along with <Ben> who is recently making the most hits in Korea creating a powerful performance with her gentle voice.

Both teams heat up Incheon Airport with band Jaurim’s full-tension performance and powerful band sound while Ben’s outstanding voice filled up the stage.

How about washing away the year-long stress with Jaurim and Ben’s eye-catching concerts?.


Year-End Youth Orchestra SAT, 12.14 @3:00pm

For Day 2, we had 2 parts of the concerts.

In the first half, we had a ‘Year-End Youth Orchestra’ of young musicians collaborating with Korea’s top musicians!

Our young musicians selected by the Artport Youth Festival, 2019 Incheon Airport Young Musician Support Project, had gathered again to offer our audience a surreal experience with full of tension. Besides, Korea’s top baritone <Seong-hyun Ko> and violinist <Jung-ah Kim> joined the crew that add to its rich orchestra sound.

It was warm-hearting and cheerful concert by our young artists in this season!

Young-Ki Min & So-Hyand Kim Musical Gala Show SAT, 12.14 @4:00pm

< Yong-Ki Min(L), So-Hyang Kim(R) >
< Yong-Ki Min(L), So-Hyang Kim(R) >

For the second half, there was a musical gala show of our beloved musical actor/actress <Young-Ki Min> and <So-Hyang Kim>’s gentle voice harmonizing with the <Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra>’s dramatic sound!

< Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra >
< Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra >

It was wonderful to experience Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra where the audience, performance, and orchestra bond together alongside a sweet yet up-tempo musical gala concert unveiled by the best musical actors!


Seoul Ballet Theatre with narration SUN, 12.15 @4:00pm

<'The Nutcracker’ by Seoul Ballet Theatre >

On Day 3, there was a ‘The Nutcracker’ by <Seoul Ballet Theatre> for everyone to join 😊 As you may know, ‘The Nutcracker’ is adapted from Hoffmann’s story ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’

It was about the main character Clara, who received a nutcracker toy on Christmas Eve, going on a journey to a magical land with the nutcracker who turned into a prince in her dream 😊

Especially for Seoul Ballet Theatre’s ‘The Nutcracker,’ a Korean traditional choreography featuring the beauty of Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes has been added to give a different experience to our audience.

‘Christmas Tree in the Airport made by Me, Special Visit with Santa Claus’ SUN, 12.15 @1:00pm ~ 3:30pm


Lastly, Incheon Airport had a one and only special event that encourages your participation; ‘‘Christmas Tree in the Airport made by Me, Special Visit with Santa Claus.’


It was a time for you to build a Christmas tree in Incheon Airport with your letters to Santa and ornaments you hang on the tree.

Also, it’s said that Santa will come to give out presents and take photos which will be nice to have your family and friends to join together as well!

Well, that’s all for today about the winter concerts.

Last but not least, Incheon Airport hopes you finish off this year warm-hearted with Incheon Airport 😊

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 December Concerts

| Incheon Airport Terminal 2 December Concerts |

Date: Fri, Dec 13, 2019 ~ Sun, Dec 15, 2019
Location : Incheon Airport Terminal 2 1st floor the Great Hall
Targeted to : Everyone (FREE)
< All seats reserved by free booking >

Customer Service ☎ 032-741-7882

☆ For online booking, all seats are unassigned and cannot make alterations
☆ If all tickets are sold online, seats are available for first-come-first-serve after 15:50
☆ For no-show by 15:50, your seat will be switched for first-come-first-serve


■ DAY 1(K-POP CONCERT) FRI, 12/13|Time 16:00 ~ 17:00
Jaurim & Ben

■ DAY 2(MUSICAL CONCERT) SAT, 12/14|Time 15:00 ~ 17:00
Year-End Youth Orchestra’ (and Baritone Seong-Hyun Ko / Violinist Jung-Ah Kim)
Young-Ki Min & So-Hyang Kim Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra

■ DAY 3(BALLET CONCERT) SUN, 12/15| Time 16:00 ~ 17:00
Seoul Ballet Theatre with narration

■ DAY 3(SPECIAL EVENT) SUN, 12/15| Time. 13:00 ~ 15:30
‘Christmas Tree in the Airport made by Me, Special Visit with Santa Claus’

Winners for the OPEN EVENT

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