Which Would You Pick as the Best Airport?

Every year, we can see the world’s best airport announced on the news. Who judges and under what criteria? Generally, flight service consulting companies rank airports through various polls and surveys. A major consulting company of such is Skytrax.

Skytrax is a UK-based consultancy that specializes in airport and airline reviews. The company awards in 20 categories every year, based on online surveys about key services of airports, such as check-in, arrival, transit, and shopping, targeting travelers from around the world.

Then, what is the rank for Incheon Airport, the main gate of the Republic of Korea, that has been summed up by Skytrax? Incheon Airport took first place in the categories of terminal and transit airport at the 2020 World Airport Awards held by Skytrax in May this year. It was awarded the World’s Best Airport Terminal and the World’s Best Transit Airport. In particular, Terminal 2 of Incheon Airport was acknowledged as the best airport terminal in the world within three years after its opening in January 2018!

World's top ranking! What’s the secret to Incheon Airport’s excellence?

The secret to Incheon Airport’s becoming the world’s top airport is its introduction of convenient, smart technologies and the culture & arts service that showcase the beauty of Korea.

Unlike other airports, Incheon Airport shows strong IT power from the boarding process. You can use various convenient smart technologies, from Smart Check-in Zone where you can check-in and bag drop by yourself to AI chatbot services where you can easily find the answers to your curiosities. Additionally, there are AIRSTAR guide robots around the airport to help travelers with cutting-edge ICT technologies including autonomous driving and voice recognition.

As the main airport of the Republic of Korea, Incheon Airport is not simply a gate of transportation, but it also gives unique impressions and a pleasant experience to domestic and foreign travelers. In it, there are large-scale artworks of domestic and foreign artists installed and the access road to the airport is like a gallery where artworks are displayed as well. Additionally, you can enjoy traditional cultural performances that may make the audience touched and excited, such as “Walk of the Royal Family,” and “Changing of the Guards Ceremony.”

Incheon Airport was not only awarded the World’s Best Airport Terminal but also the World’s Best Transit Airport two years in a row. It was praised as it provides tailormade transit programs, including a convenient and rapid transit process, various transit convenience facilities, and a multi-language transit information service.

Voters’ pick for the Best Airport in the World!

Skytrax is selecting the world’s best airport at the end of 2020 again through the vote of travelers from around the world. What airport would be the world’s top airport this time?

It is said that there is an airport that has become a role model for other airports around the world in preemptive response to COVID-19 and disinfection as it is ranked first place in Airport Service Quality (ASQ) 13 years in a row 😊 You know which airport it is. We hope there will be another good score for the clean and clear Incheon Airport this time again. Thank you for your support!